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I describe this as a perfume that smells like weath and to me it really does.Gardenia is just one of several gorgeous white florals notes in this sprankling and timeless composition,absolute class!I think it would be great for winter time,evening wear or for the holidays especially since carnation is one of the most prominent notes.It is a litlle bit sexy but powedery too,so it smells clean.I adore it.

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Datura Noir has a long note list.Tonkabean, almond,coconut,tuberose,lemon blossom, musk,heliotrope, myrrh,vanilla apricot,mandatin orange,chinese osmanthus-but they all work beautifully together to create a sublime floral with a sweet (almost gourmand) character that's simply delicious.The sweetness is never cloying or overwhelming and is balanced by an almost soapy vibe which I just loveIt's intoxicating, indolic creamines in a bottle.A beautiful creation that I love having in my collection.

Aqua Santa is an delicious fragrance.The opening is amazing with an blast of bergamot and cassic with spicy accoords of coriander.The drydown is complex mixture of green accords,flowers,musk and spices.Aqua Santa is sweet but never cloying and all over the place fragrance.Extraordinary longevity and strong silage.It smells really good.I love it!

Zesty, fresh, fizzy scent.Starts as sweet, fruity and a bit floral, then changes to a sweet/gourmand vanilla, almond with a bit patchouli in the drydown.
It's really sweet and pretty scent, from the start till the end.Perfect for the summer.