GorgiaGorgia's Perfume Statements

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Chocolade and orange come thogether.The chocolade isn't to sweet thanks to the citrusy accords and it feels like creamy carres on the skin.
Coconutty, woody vanilla, a creamy, soft and delicious concoction that's comforting at the same time.Perfect fot the autumn.+1
Chant d'Amores is just so darn beautiful,Lovely florals are combined with the aldehydes to produce a delicate cloud of beautiful scent.+1
Flower Fusion is another glorious beauty.F.Fusion morries rich florals with a boozy vanilla for a sensual and delicious scent.+2
Blurry blend of synthetic notes!A house famous mostly for its top quality gourmand to make something so unpresentable!Verry strange.+1
1 - 5 of 13