GorgiaGorgia's Perfume Statements

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Beautiful well blended citrus floral woody and smoky perfume.So versatille.Sharp and smooth,sweet and luxurous.I'am impressed!
This is an exceptionally beautiful scent!There is something deeply sexy aboit it, yet it's effortless and elegant.
Just divine!
Elixir epitomises everything I love about spring.A wonderfully whimsical feminine scent with a luminous soubtly sweet and natural character.
"Chasing butterflies"is an appropriate name,since the fragrance flutters away before you can catch it.The lasting power is horrible.
Natural,clean,discrete and crisp.Citrus and mint very refreshing summery scent.It's a glimpse of the garden of Positano.Lovely summer scent.
1 - 5 by 36