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OlkaolkaOlkaolka 17 months ago time !!!!!
LasisaLasisa 4 years ago
Holy moly...(..hanky-panky..) comment!
TomLavenderTomLavender 5 years ago
"All things are poison and nothing is without poison; Only the dose makes it that a thing is not a poison. " Paracelsus
HexanaHexana 5 years ago
I agree with Glosoli!
0815abc0815abc 5 years ago
Wie unglaublich genial!!!!!!!!!!!
IriniIrini 5 years ago
Geil.....wie fresh ist das denn? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ErgreifendErgreifend 5 years ago
F*cking brilliant! Just feel love for this picture!
GlosoliGlosoli 5 years ago
Thats the way i like it: drugs, drugs, and even more drugs - and a first aid kit in the background ;-)
PlutoPluto 5 years ago
Brilliant idea! Great photo (althoug I don't like Opium)
GaukeleyaGaukeleya 5 years ago
"This picture is full of drugs. Mark all you can find!"

GothicHeart Perfume Pictures