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FranzifFranzif 124 days ago
Supergenial, gefällt mir sehr.....
ReniferkaReniferka 23 months ago
It's so sweet and funny :)
SmittySmitty 3 years ago
Sehr sehr kreativ. Schade, dass Du jetzt keine Fotos einstellst...
MerlinaMerlina 4 years ago
hahahhaaa, so funny!
JaniJani 5 years ago
Und noch so ein kreatives/tolles Bild!!
HasiHasi 5 years ago
113... *shakingmypompons*... GO WHITE BOY, GO WHITE BOY, GO!
SeeroseSeerose 5 years ago
Hihi, kommt mir bekannt vor, auch in Verkleidung, komisch, oder?
AlysanneAlysanne 5 years ago
Every time I see this on the main page it brings a smile to my face! So adorable! :D
MilosavaMilosava 5 years ago
:D Efcharisto, super Bild! ;-)
IchbinsIchbins 5 years ago
Wow - well done :-DD !
IriniIrini 5 years ago
So simple and brilliant idea! Just on the skate......into the sunny day...........!
FlaconneurFlaconneur 5 years ago
If I could aware this twice, I would. Fantastic!
ScentFanScentFan 5 years ago
TribuTribu 5 years ago
Was für eine wunderbare Idee.
JoHannesJoHannes 5 years ago
Best and merriest pic ever on ... :-)))
LabormausLabormaus 5 years ago
Is this great or what ? Τέλειο, μπράβο σου !
karlköftekarlköfte 5 years ago
This is inspiring, thank you.
MillefioriMillefiori 5 years ago
Cute! Funny! Charming!
ErgreifendErgreifend 5 years ago
Nice. What a perfect and lovely picture :)
FlorblancaFlorblanca 5 years ago
What lovely idea! Perfect! Thanks for sharing ;-))
GlosoliGlosoli 5 years ago
The most cheerful picture on parfumo ever! :-)
AudreyCAudreyC 5 years ago
Very Cute. You have to love this photo. ♥
YallaYalla 5 years ago
That doesn't look very sporty - and very naked .. hehehehe! Adorable pic!!
CosmicLoveCosmicLove 5 years ago
A cheerleader , right?! Simply awesome ... :D
Haley74Haley74 5 years ago
Phantastic idea! Your photos are great :-)
KirthiKirthi 5 years ago
Sweeeet!!! Sehr witzig!
PlutoPluto 5 years ago
Du übertriffst Dich immer wieder...!
M0rticiAM0rticiA 5 years ago
hahahaha love it, great job :)
DaveGahan101DaveGahan101 5 years ago
PreciousPrecious 5 years ago
What a cute cute girl.
ShogunShogun 5 years ago
tolle idee, tolles foto!
0815abc0815abc 5 years ago
Wie süüüß! !!!!!!!!
Total witzige Idee!Danke!
HexanaHexana 5 years ago
Das witzige Foto ist richtig Klasse. Schöne Idee, sehr kreativ.
CallasCallas 5 years ago
Cheerleader in action :-))))
TomLavenderTomLavender 5 years ago
What a creative guy! Simple but effective! Nice!
HasiHasi 5 years ago
I think, I love you.
TooSmell27TooSmell27 5 years ago
So nice! Wonderful idea!
UnchanedUnchaned 5 years ago
With a smile on the face....... so warm and lovely!
RivegaucheRivegauche 5 years ago
Indeed, absolutely charming and funny. Great!
GingerGinger 5 years ago
what a nice lady in this pic!
GaukeleyaGaukeleya 5 years ago
Adorable idea! So simple, so great, so charming..!
ChallengerChallenger 5 years ago
Oh, I love this picture.
A little childish... a little friendly... a little lovely.
They are all in your good idea and implementation.
ZoraZora 5 years ago
I like it:))********
ViolaodorataViolaodorata 5 years ago
° ° ° L O L ° ° °
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