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GrehnGrehn 8 years ago
Samba for Men / Mambo Man (Eau de Toilette) - Perfumer's Workshop

Samba for Men / Mambo Man (Eau de Toilette) really good fragrance for the price!
i really like this one!, came out in 1990 and is pretty cheap, but its still really good and it smells more expensive than it is!, the only bad thing with it is the longevity... its very weak! this is a definetely a BUY for me. its...

GrehnGrehn 8 years ago
Man in Style - La Rive

Man in Style hard to get any better fragrance for this price!
i Think this isnt perfect, but its very cheap, i test some cheap fragrances and this was the only one Worth it.. the other in the same price was like only pure alcohol smell, made me ill!!, threw them, thsi was the only...


GrehnGrehn 8 years ago
thx a lot, appreciate it! :D
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello Grehn, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!