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28 days ago
Affectiva by Gilles de Paris

Affectiva„wish I had a listing of the notes”
I would call this a floriental. It has vanilla/tonka in it with some musk/civet, ylang, maybe tuberose and something that darkens and deepens it. It is not spicy nor patchouli. Maybe carnation. Very unique and different from other vintages in the same...

50 days ago
Gone With the Wind (Eau de Parfum) by G.W.T.W.F. Inc.

Gone With the Wind (Eau de Parfum)„a typical soapy vintage floral aldehyde”
This is a vintage floral aldehyde with an obvious vintage peach note. It's; soapy and pretty. No florals are distinct but blend in a smooth way, maybe some ylang and a touch of oakmoss. If anyone has further information on the note pyramid, please...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
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