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GtabassoGtabasso 12 days ago
Violet Glycine - Pupa

Violet Glycine not your average violet
powdery and lovely with violets but green and grassy and a bit bitter with peach, coriander, freesia, musk, sandalwood; a pretty powdery vintage fragrance with a bitter edge, not your average violet fragrance

GtabassoGtabasso 20 days ago
Panteón Viejo de Xoxocotlán - Sixteen92

Panteón Viejo de Xoxocotlán if boozy chocolate is your thing but you want something with an edge
The notes are marigold, cockscomb, cocoa, sugar, votives, honey. This is a lovely sweet gourmand boozy chocolate with a little waxy and bitter edge like dark chocolate and ash. I only have a large...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 5 years ago
Hello Gtabasso, and welcome to Parfumo! Have a lovely time.