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3 years ago
Scent 8.5
Legend by Michael Jordan

Legend„An influential cheapo!”
This stuff gets frequently (and rightfully) compared to Rochas Man and New Haarlem by Bond No. 9, both of which are work of the great Maurice Roucel. What really amazes me, is the fact that Legend precedes both by several years (1997 vs. 1999 and 2003, respectively)....

3 years ago
Scent 8.0
Vetiver Extreme by Guerlain

Vetiver Extreme„If you're able to ignore Luca Turin's review...”
...you've probably noticed that most others are positive (and rightfully so). Vetiver Extrême is essentially a herbal take on the vetiver root (as opposed to two main schools of the contemporary vetiver - the woodies & the smokies)....

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Does bourbon whiskey smell like smoked carrots, or does this smell like both?
An obvious attempt to create a ’fresh’ & ’light’ leather. The opening is pretty nice but it’s halfway b/w something and nothing from there.+4
My current go-to citrus and one of Ellena's finer works for sure. I'm quite surprised no one has mentioned how rosy it is!+1
Floral vetiver with undertones of wet cardboard. Slightly better than what I just made it sound like.+3
Lacks the floral edge of SDV, hence more casual in a good sense. I guess that boozy, dark, clean & woodsy ...thing somewhat resembles oud.+2
I hated it in the 90s - I thought it was preposterous. Now, it's sunny & 25°C in Helsinki, I'm rocking 7 sprays & it's working like a drug.+6
Tart, coniferous, linear and long-lasting. Too distictive and monotoneous for frequent use IMO, but makes a very refreshing change of pace.+1
Probably the most mainstreamish masculine by Amouage & despite (or because of) that, I love it. Immaculate performance. Signature potential.+1
Apart from the first 15 mins (that do exactly what it says on the box) this is a solid contemporary masculine all-rounder. Poor projection.+2
A drop of children’s apple shampoo in high-pitched, transparent vetiver composition a la TdH. The more I wear it, the less impressed I am.+4


SteelerOperaSteelerOpera 3 years ago
Greetings :) I ran out of characters on the SAUF CB 32 page, but totally understand where you are coming from when it comes to weird bottles. At this point, I mainly purchase decants since my collection is out of control. Glad I have a decant of the SAUF CB 32 and good to know it's the best from the line. Where did you find your bottle? I am a member of many fragrance groups on FB and saw someone splitting it and the notes seemed up my alley, but had never heard of this company before. Just wanted to say hello :) and get acquainted here :)