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An obvious attempt to create a ’fresh’ & ’light’ leather. The opening is pretty nice but it’s halfway b/w something and nothing from there.+3
My current go-to citrus and one of Ellena's finer works for sure. I'm quite surprised no one has mentioned how rosy it is!
Floral vetiver with undertones of wet cardboard. Slightly better than what I just made it sound like.+2
Lacks the floral edge of SDV, hence more casual in a good sense. I guess that boozy, dark, clean & woodsy ...thing somewhat resembles oud.+1
I hated it in the 90s - I thought it was preposterous. Now, it's sunny & 25°C in Helsinki, I'm rocking 7 sprays & it's working like a drug.+4
1 - 5 of 94