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Floral vetiver with undertones of wet cardboard. Slightly better than what I just made it sound like.+1
Lacks the floral edge of SDV, hence more casual in a good sense. I guess that boozy, dark, clean & woodsy ...thing somewhat resembles oud.+1
I hated it in the 90s - I thought it was preposterous. Now, it's sunny & 25°C in Helsinki, I'm rocking 7 sprays & it's working like a drug.+2
Tart, coniferous, linear and long-lasting. Too distictive and monotoneous for frequent use IMO, but makes a very refreshing change of pace.+1
Probably the most mainstreamish masculine by Amouage & despite (or because of) that, I love it. Immaculate performance. Signature potential.+1
1 - 5 of 92