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HassoumiHassoumi 9 months ago
Ambre 114 - Histoires de Parfums

Ambre 114 Masterful blend
The ambre 114 starts with strong repelling hit of patchouli, amber and benzoin. After two to three minutes the perfume starts to calms down revealing a nice vintage like scent, a one reminds me of a fine antique shop which I think due to the height...

HassoumiHassoumi 9 months ago
Cuir Kora - L'Orchestre Parfum

Cuir Kora Unique masterpiece
A piece of art, an artful musical composition and a captivating perfume.  It begins with a cloud of ripped mango and spices. Very unusual and unique one. The leather start to unveil itself with woods and deep hints of roses. The dry down keeps...


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