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5 years ago
Scent 8.0
Passion by Avon

Passion„Avon Passion”
Even though Avon has manufactured hundreds if not thousands of perfumes, I still get a little excited when a new one is announced. Typically I hold onto it for maybe a month, grow bored of it, and give it away. I held off buying this until there was a sale or more reviews...

5 years ago
So Hooked on Carmella by Benefit

So Hooked on Carmella„caramel vanilla”
Despite the notes listed, I get a salted buttery caramel vibe from this. The drydown is a sweet bourbon vanilla liquor. It is quite heavy for summer, so I will try it again in the fall. Projection is vast as the sample sprayer I have sitting on my kitchen counter radiates...

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6 years ago

Hayven„Vegas trip”
I visited Las Vegas with my sister this past week (well, 4 days). The last day I had all to myself; I originally planned to visit various shops to smell perfumes. My sister booked a hotel off the strip which was a bit unfavorable because walking such a distance in the heat is a bad idea. But there...


dat ass! Phoenix Zoo, A...
dat ass! Phoenix Zoo, A...
Amsterdam...I miss you....
Amsterdam...I miss you....
Puget Sound, Seattle WA...
Puget Sound, Seattle WA...
Smithsonian, Washington...
Smithsonian, Washington...


NaughtyKittyNaughtyKitty 5 years ago
Hayven, I burn pumpkin/holiday candles during the summer too! Thanks for the comment on the photo. :) I am still trying to get a HUGE shelf for my perfumes, but that's hard to do without a truck. I see beautiful dressers/display cases on Craigslist all the time too.
SorceressSorceress 6 years ago
Thank you for your kind comments, Hayven. I really appreciate them. I'm still recuperating and will be for some time, tho. Gives me plenty of time to smell my perfumes and do my reviews tho.... :)
NaughtyKittyNaughtyKitty 6 years ago
Haha, thank you! I have 5 cats. 4 of them are tabbies and one is a black kitty. But if you look at her head in the light, she still somehow has tabby stripes. Lol.
NaughtyKittyNaughtyKitty 6 years ago
Hello, and thank you for the welcome! It looks like you have kitties too. They are adorable!
DulcemioDulcemio 6 years ago
Hope you had a nice Easter too, Hayven.
CincyCincy 6 years ago
Happy Easter my dear Hayven. Doing the bunny hop:)
PipettePipette 6 years ago
Happy Easter to the girl "Out West". Go West Young Man, so they say.
DigindirtDigindirt 6 years ago
Have a nice Easter Sunday Hayven.
SweetgrassSweetgrass 6 years ago
Thanks Hayven -- by the looks of your picture things are looking hayvenly back there :)
DulcemioDulcemio 6 years ago
Hey Hayven,
About not finding jasmine notes that wow you, have you ever tried Bvlgari Jasmin Noir? That stuff is intoxicating.