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HitchslapHitchslap 6 months ago
Bvlgari Man Wood Essence - Bvlgari

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence A Good Life?
The first hour or so I'm reminded of Davidoff's Good Life which is a definite Spring and Summer scent. It starts off green and figgy though I don't see fig in the notes list. The middle life turns to cypress and vetiver. I have to give this a few more...

HitchslapHitchslap 9 months ago
Vermeil for Men - Jean Louis Vermeil

Vermeil for Men More like......1970s
This is Manly and easy to over apply, if you're not careful. It was released in the 80s but gives off some strong 70s vibes. Younger men will probably pass and, in no way, would a girlie girl try this on.

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Domain Domain - Mary Kay - 110 days ago
Better than you think, not what I was expecting, Spring and Autumn definitely. Not childish or old fashioned.
Great buy if you're tight on funds.
Projection is great, fruity but can survive cooler weather.
Icon Elite Icon Elite - Dunhill - 12 months ago
I think it's a little better than the ratings it's given. Just smokey/woody enough for cold weather and above average for special events.
Definitely powdery, on the feminine side.
It smells niche though and great for fall or cool weather. Too strong for work. Projects and lasts
Ă‘ice! Great for the warmer days, yes, cypress and sandalwood are clearly front and center.
Vert des Bois Vert des Bois - Tom Ford - 20 months ago
Unique, sort of powdery, green and vinegary. You want different? This is it.
B*Men B*Men - Mugler - 20 months ago
Definitely different,spicy,gourmandish and a good cold weather companion. This scent for the extrovert that is not afraid to smell great!
14Hour Dream 14Hour Dream - Jusbox - 2 years ago
Great! First hour is Pure Havane, just not as sweet, then patchouli, vanilla & cedar take center stage. After an hr. most sweetness leaves.
Not so lite, it's an edp so go easy on first try. Pepper and black tea notes dominate, quality stuff and a year round frag, not a wallflower
I think it's easy to overspray and then be overwhelmed. If you do the sweetness hits you hard but otherwise this is nice ginger, little oud


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