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49 days ago
Scent 6.0
Parco Palladiano XI: Castagno by Bottega Veneta

Parco Palladiano XI: Castagno„Misplaced NOTE”
I was really disappointed with this scent. Bottega Veneta has been a great find for me in the past. I have their first two masculine scents and the Magnolia unisex fragrance which is a beauty. Okay, so I love the chestnut note in Replica-Fireplace and I read that...

70 days ago
Scent 7.0
Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate by Hermès

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate„life stages in scent evolution”
So when I first took a sniff of this I immediately thought: fruity, feminine and teen. I still feel it leans feminine but I really like the rhubarb and musk that this eventually settles into. When first applied it smells very fruitberry-like, brings...

Latest Statements

Great buy if you're tight on funds.
Projection is great, fruity but can survive cooler weather.
I think it's a little better than the ratings it's given. Just smokey/woody enough for cold weather and above average for special events.+1
Definitely powdery, on the feminine side.
It smells niche though and great for fall or cool weather. Too strong for work. Projects and lasts+1
Ñice! Great for the warmer days, yes, cypress and sandalwood are clearly front and center.+1
Unique, sort of powdery, green and vinegary. You want different? This is it.+1
Definitely different,spicy,gourmandish and a good cold weather companion. This scent for the extrovert that is not afraid to smell great!+1
Great! First hour is Pure Havane, just not as sweet, then patchouli, vanilla & cedar take center stage. After an hr. most sweetness leaves.+2
Not so lite, it's an edp so go easy on first try. Pepper and black tea notes dominate, quality stuff and a year round frag, not a wallflower+2
I think it's easy to overspray and then be overwhelmed. If you do the sweetness hits you hard but otherwise this is nice ginger, little oud+1
Green/Powdery, on the feminine side. Cashmere wood, papyrus and lavender give this vetiver scent a very soft and sweet leaning. No nuance.+3


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