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This is Manly and easy to over apply, if you're not careful.

It was released in the 80s but gives off some strong 70s vibes.

Younger men will probably pass and, in no way, would a girlie girl try this on.

I love this, from the very start you get a nice, tangy vetiver that is smoothed out by the milk note.
This is a definite Spring thru Fall fragrance that is not too sweet and can be worn by a large portion of the populace, age and gender-wise.

Not like Varvatos' first release but in the same area, dark, sweet but doesn't project or hang around.
I love it, Apple and coffee are a lot more noticeable than the leather.
Cooler weather and evening no-brainer for nicer casual events.


I was really disappointed with this scent.

Bottega Veneta has been a great find for me in the past.

I have their first two masculine scents and the Magnolia unisex fragrance which is a beauty.

Okay, so I love the chestnut note in Replica-Fireplace and I read that this scent has it too so that caught my attention.

The head scratcher though is that this is a fresh/warm weather scent.

Long story shortened.......chestnut, to me, is best for heavier/woody/cold weather aromas.

So when I first took a sniff of this I immediately thought: fruity, feminine and teen.
I still feel it leans feminine but I really like the rhubarb and musk that this eventually settles into.
When first applied it smells very fruitberry-like, brings to mind Bath and Body Works type of body wash, lotion and who knows what other form, but it does move forward, matures, if you will.
This definitely settles down but this, by no means, can be confused with more formal type of scents. You really got to like rhubarb, I do, that's why I think Mugler's B*Men is great.

Casual as can be and warmer daytime activity.

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I thought it was just me, after reading the first review here though my suspicions were confirmed, I smell Bergamot!

Bergamot is not listed but that's what I get, Patchouli and Bergamot.

Jo Malone's Oud & Bergamot comes to mind when wearing this scent.

Patchouli, to me, is really nice, conjuring images of a dark/earthy environment but can easily become olfactory overload.

Great quality and more for casual fare, though easy on the application because I'm guessing that there are plenty of folks that find patchouli an overbearing fragrance note.

Disappointed, it's more feminine, and smells, oddly, a lot more floral than the note list leads you to believe.

Notes like lime and mint had me hoping for something "brighter" but it actually ends up smelling muted like lotion with ylang ylang as the centrepiece.

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This, this right here, is its own scent.......not like, a clone or sorta-like, Terre by Hermes. This is a masculine aroma that is a great companion during all seasons but mostly in the warmer time of year.

This DOES NOT have the flint-like note that Hermes' Terre contains, making it much more of a friendly scent.

Vetiver and beautiful citrus, it's what you wear , along with that nice linen or seersucker suit in the high heat or casual evenings.

Rock this and wear it with confidence gentlemen!

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Leather indeed and Ferrari, of all marques, seems to be looking out for the average person.

No big price tag for such a great scent that the novice or budget minded collector of scents can afford.

Not sickly sweet like Tom Ford's better known leather based perfumes. The cinnamon, clove and black leather notes make this a serious scent, special events worthy.

Holy Cow, this is so beautiful!

¡Tan bueno!

Such a great start of cardamom/coffee which then morphs into a delicious vanilla combination.

In the background you have bergamot and ambroxan add a stable classy foundation.

I understand other reviewers when they question the validity of the asking price on this Zegna line, for most but not this one.

This fragrance conveys the higher stratum the Zegna clothing line holds in the fashion world.

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