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This house of Lancôme is absolutely amazing and offers great fragrances, especially, in the Private Collection. Very underrated and only known for Ôud Bôuquet, which is great, too.

This one is very alluring yet creative. A Patchouli that doesn't smell like a pure Patchouli, at least is not very powerful. The Sage dominates the first 4-5h. Is fresh, clean and aromatic. A note that isn't very common in the front of a fragrance but more in the background giving an aromatic nuance. In this case, is very prominent yet pleasing. Gives this almost clean bathroom vibe but, along with the other notes, has a sweet and elegant vibe. The drydown has a sweet patchouli borrowed from Coromandel which is quite awesome. The result is refined, very alluring and pleasing for everybody. You'll be noticed for sure and everybody will compliment you. It's easy to wear yet distinctive, with great longevity (12h+) and heavy projection and sillage for the first 4-5h. The only con is the fact that the fragrance is quite linear but, for a night time situation, fits very well.
A great fragrance made for both genders and with excellent quality. Recommended! 4/5

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Everything in this line seems very pretentious. I'm not a fan, to be honest. I love Guerlain but this line is very synthetic in a bad way. I liked Ambre Eternel (discontinued) and this one is not that bad but the others are very forgettable.
This is an opulent Rose-cinnamon-woody fragrance. Could be named Canelle Royal or Rose Royal but not Santal Royal. The sandalwood is minimal and very synthetic. It opens with freshness and sweetness, right away. A tiny bit of neroli in a Cinnamon-Rose bomb. As it starts to drydown, a strong Peach note appears too and shines especially in the mid, giving more sweetness and some femininity. The Oud is very soft and syntethic (again) and only plays in the background, just giving some depth to the fragrance.

Overall, gives me a synthetic Egoiste vibe but more oriental and fruity and not so good, of course.

Excellent performance though.

EDIT: I reach for this many times in this Fall and although I prefer Amber Eternel, this is good. I give one more star to my rating for the overall experience.

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As we know, the first love is never forgotten. I remember the first time I smelled this one and being blown away. At the time, I only had 90's Springfield, Pull And Bear and Don Algodón. This one seemed very complex and sexy. And, in fact, it is. I felt in love and used 3 bottles of it.

Starts out with a green apple note mixed with cinnamon and after 10min or so, I detect geranium too, giving a floral freshness to the fragrance. 1h later, the vanilla and the woods appear and you will have this sexy apple-vanilla scent until the end of the fragrance life. I get great longevity (12+ hours) and moderate projection in the first 2h and soft projection after 2h till the 6-7h mark.

One of the most versatile, sexy and unique fragrances out there. It's pretty much a classic, nowadays. The performance of the newer bottled aren't that great so I recommend the Intense version. Nonetheless, it's a great fragrance and one of my favorites of all time. 4/5

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This fragrance is a classic already. I always loved this one since the beginning of my journey. The funny thing with this one is that during these years i've been able to catch more facets on this masculine fragrance.

First of all, this starts very fresh and peppery. Orange and black pepper right on your nostrils. Along with those notes you will have Iso E Super. A super long lasting aroma chemical that has a woody clean aspect. This will be your companion over the entire duration of this fragrance. The grapefruit is there too, giving a more bittersweet and so called bitter orange accord. After one hour, the Vetiver will appear. It's not a soapy Vetiver (like Guerlain Vetiver) neither dark (Lalique Encre Noire), is more fresh like fresh cut wood due to the Iso E Super. In the drydown there's a cedar note that is very encapsulated with the other woody notes and makes this a more masculine yet alluring scent. The performance is great. I get 10-12h with good sillage for the first 3-4h. A contemporary masterpiece that doesn't follow the sweet trend. Just wants to be masculine and timeless. 5/5

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Imagine a barbershop. A classic one. The smell of products is very characteristic. They have a green, spicy, fresh and kinda mossy smell. There's a fragrance that encapsulate these elements. Azzaro pour Homme. But there is a "modern" (for 2003) interpretation of that smell. Rive Gauche it is. An excellent fresh spicy lavender fragrance. When I smelled it for the first time I immediately reminded of a shaving cream foam. It smells like that for sure but with a touch of sophistication. A really good fragrance for work and for the spring-summer time. It will not project much (1-2h) but will last 7h close to the skin. It's more refined than the older (although great) Azzaro and subtle. It's not a Masterpiece, neither revolutionary in any way, although brought back the barbershop type of smell and did a great job on that, thanks for the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, who created such gems like M7, Opium pour Homme, L'eau D'Issey or even Aqva Amara.

3.5/5 stars

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The discontinuation of this little gem made me bought a bottle. I remember having smelled this one back when I started my journey in 2015 and liking it. At the time i bought the also discontinued Midnight in Paris and though that this would had been a redundant purchase.

4 years later, I purchased it just to see if this is really that similar or not and because it could had been the last opportunity before prices go crazy. I'm a huge Annick Ménardo fan and this fragrance is really one of their best creations, imo.

This is a very linear fragrance to start off. It starts off with the rubber accord that combines tea leafs, bergamot and a leather accord.
After an hour, this accord starts to mellow out and the vanilla became the king here. It has the MiP vibe but, imo, much better made. Instead of the tonka this one has vanilla and is more creamy and less aromatic than MiP which has an excellent note of Rosemary, by the way. Although this is more linear.

All in all, this is an excellent scent and I'm glad that I have a bottle. Super unisex and pleasant scent.
Longevity is pretty good. I get 10 plus hours on my skin, but the projection is very moderate in the first 2hours and close to the skin in the rest of the lifetime.
I give this one a 4/5 stars.

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Well, I have to say that this one surprised me. I thought this would be a very easy to wear with no Oud in here but, surprisingly, this has a little bit of that skanky Oud in the background, which is quite good, to be honest.

When you spray this you'll be able to smell the rose with some bergamot and a shy tea note. Love this unisex fresh opening! 10min later the tea will dominate the fragrance and the leather accord appears. There's a good accord here. Like the one you'll find in Black from the same brand or even Midnight in Paris but without the rubber note. Excellent!
The Oud is there basically since the tea starts to shine. Is giving a skanky yet sexy vibe and later on, the fragrance turns a little bit yummy. It's complex and has the three stages very well achieved! The Oud isn't potent (which for those who don't like it is good and for lovers it's pleasant too) but isn't that synthetic so I really appreciate it. Bravo Mr. Jacques Cavallier! Heavenly!

The performance is not beastly. It's suave but I love it that way. I get 7+ hours although with low projection. It's comforting and I love to wear it on a breezy spring/summer nights.

The price is very adequate and you can find a 75ml bottle for less than 50€. The quality is great too!

I recommend it to everyone that likes Rose-Oud combos with a twist. It's different enough thanks to that Tea note.

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I'm wearing this today after a couple of months and I realized that this is a truly masterpiece that stood the test of time.

Although everybody talks about his younger brother (Parfum) and say wonders (and you should!!), this gem is also a great fragrance and more easy to pull off.
It has the original Dior Homme DNA based on Iris but instead of Vetiver at the base, we have a kind of dough note brought by the Ambrette seed and some cedar. Basically, It's a candied version of the original (like Luca Turin said).

It opens up with a big bouquet of fresh and powdery Iris, and a Lavender-ish note like the original but with steroids. After 10min it turns warm, sweet and doughy thanks to the ambrette seed. The Cedar appears after 1h to give more masculinity and some woody "freshness". It's one of the most beautiful iris based scents. Valentino takes this and rounds the edges but i prefer this roughly and soft-sweetness take on Iris.

The performance is great. It lasts easily 10-12h with good projection in the first 1h. After that it creates a bubble around you for 6-7h and only after that it starts to be a skin scent.

Everybody that likes the original or something between masculine and feminine, should give this one a try. It's more sweet and more seductive than the original but less brutal and woody than the Parfum version. It's perfection in a bottle!

One of the best masculines out there and a classic in our days.

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The Dreamer is a unique and special fragrance. So unique that even the tobacco is different from what you would be used to. It's a tobacco flower based scent. Also, it's the last creation under the direction of Gianni Versace shortly before is assassination.
Another thing that is kinda mysterious is the note breakdown. You'll get a different note breakdown in every website. To me, Dreamer starts out very sour and synthetic. But not in a bad way. It's like in a mysterious way. And ends up very alluring, floral, sweet and masculine.
I remember the first time I smelled this one. I hated the opening. It was so strange. But after 10min I like it. I ended up buying a bottle. After 3 years I can say that I love this. It's definitely unique and dreamy.
Talking about the scent: I smell a herbal-aromatic note (juniper and tarragon) at the start, that reminds me of lavender. It's harsh but vicious. After 10min the tobacco flower starts to appear with some other flowers (lily and iris) although it's not powder neither feminine. After 1h the coumarin joins the game and the scent turns more sweet, alluring but still kind of floral.
This stage will be the ending one. The dream is over but not until the 10-12 hour mark. This one has great performance and strong projection in the first 2 hours. Also, it performs greatly on clothes. They will smell of The Dreamer for weeks! At this point, I don't know if this it's still in production but you can find it easily online and on many stores.
My advice? Grab a bottle now. It's very cheap (20-30€/100ml) and it's a fantastic scent. A true masterpiece. And the bottle is probably my favorite of all time!

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Like Luca Turin said in his book "A temple that smells like a brothel".
I think this describes in such a perfect way what this fragrance is.

It opens up with a little bit of anise, olive leaf and carnation. Very creative and unique! Fresh floral, oriental (Jaipur homme is a refference although is completely different). I think that coriander is there too but is just a tiny bit of it.
After 1 min, we get a little bit of ginger too. In this stage there's a fresh dirtiness that is so harmonious and sexy that i can identify as the "brothel" stage.
After a few minutes the cinnamon and anise (and a juicy grapefruit) take control of the fragrance. They will be together for half an hour. During that time, the grapefruit dissipates and after that, a beauty and creamy sandalwood says hello. The "temple" stage is here!
The fragrance gets more dry and sweet and we will smell this woody anissed cinnamon for the rest of the lifetime of this beautiful fragrance.
It's a great fragrance that offers a unique anise-cinnamon combo with sandalwood in the back.
The performance is low to moderate (I get 4 to 6h on my skin with moderate projection in the first hour).
It's unfortunately discontinued but if you can find a good deal on it, grab a bottle (or two) and enjoy this masterpiece!