HugoMontezHugoMontez's Perfume Statements

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Probably my favorite from the brand. A classic woody spicy structure with some added spices on top, specially nutmeg. Very good. 4/5
This is a funny fragrance. Strawberry gum with a woody and slightly mossy accord. Strange but somewhat appealing. A party fragrance. 3/5
A very good and clean white musk with fruity and milky nuances. Super well blended and high quality composition. For clean musk lovers 3/5
A licorice based scent with a myrrh note on top. Good but not the best from the brand. If you want myrrh, go elsewhere. 2/5
Roma Uomo revisited. Opens up with a pink pepper note and violet leafs. Dries down to a sweet benzoin reminiscent to Roma Uomo. 3/5
1 - 5 of 118