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INTPINTP 21 months ago
Vanilla Intense - Parfums Vintage

Vanilla Intense Uncertainly Good...
I’m reviewing a sample I purchased from Parfums Vintage. I’ve owned PVI for a while now and really enjoy its slightly sour, bright, juicy, and birch supported scent character. Neither PVI nor VI smells like my decant of Aventus exactly,...

INTPINTP 2 years ago
Colonia Club (Eau de Cologne) - Acqua di Parma

Colonia Club (Eau de Cologne) An Ode to Yesteryear and a Nod to the Gentlemen of Today
-Acqua di Parma Colonia Club- Disclaimer: my notes are based on a Scent Bird sample and the impressions it gave me. I do not consider this a full review. • Classic barbershop frag that focuses on mint. •...


AttlasAttlas 2 years ago
Haha. Cool to find an mbti enthusiast here. Nothing better for our Ne than a world full of fragrances to explore! Enjoy. - ENFP
INTPINTP 2 years ago
I have some Scentbird samples coming in soon! You or Someone Like You, Remarkable People, and Colonia Club should be sent to me by the end of the month... fingers crossed! After sampling 1861 Renaissance by Xerjoff, I’ve been hunting for a mint fragrance. YOSLY may rival 1861, as I LOVE me some green fragrances [GIT, Nio/Matrix (Nio is better, but price requires more time with scent character), and Black no.1 are some examples]. I also have heard good things about Remarkable People, and after testing Fat Electrician, I find some intrigue in Etat Libre D’Orange. All in all, I think if 1861 had a more prominent mint note, or perhaps was less pulpy and leaned zesty, I would settle for it.

I welcome your opinions! Is YOSLY more synthetic that 1861? Is Colonial Club too old school or boring? What are your thoughts on Remarkable People? And do you find Nio’s sharpness to be too much at times (that’s what I found when sniffing it close to skin.. over and over)?
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 2 years ago
Hey INTP, welcome :-)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 2 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, INTP! Enjoy the site and have a good time.