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IneverwasIneverwas 1 year ago
For Her Pure Musc (Eau de Parfum) - Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Pure Musc (Eau de Parfum) Expensive Silky Body Lotion
Pure Musc is a very safe, clean and feminine perfume. Smells like an expensive body lotion. The musk here is similar to that in most of NR's line - smooth, cool, silky and creamy, however there's no added kinky undertone to it in this...

IneverwasIneverwas 1 year ago
Melograno (Eau de Parfum) - Ortigia

Melograno (Eau de Parfum) Old fashioned beauty
Gorgeous perfume, with a soapy, oriental, vintage vibe. To my nose this isn't a fruity, fresh or sweet perfume, not by a long shot. It's deep, complex, slightly dark and if I'm not mistaken there's some (dirty) musks and incense in the drydown...


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