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4 years ago
Scent 10.0
Insensé (Eau de Toilette) by Givenchy

Insensé (Eau de Toilette)„The Beautiful of Beautiful ”
There is a kind of man that never can be reached. He is independent, solitaire, and tenderly aloof, his soul always on the edge. Everybody wants him, and he wants nothing. I'm thinking of Rimbaud in Charleville, young, adventurous, with an entire life to come;...

4 years ago
Scent 6.0
Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

Caldey Island Lavender„Fields of Glory”
If you ever travelled through french Provence in September, the vision of the fields under a warm sun late afternoon won't ever vanish from your memory. This perfume, although so British, evoques that memory, but that cannot be a surprise, as we all know the love British...


InsenseInsense 6 years ago
One year after!
I started today to fill my collection here, far from finishing now, will need more time.
This site has improved so much, really! I'm very surprised. Will definitely come here regularly!
InsenseInsense 7 years ago
Thank you all for your warm welcome!
CincyCincy 7 years ago
Waving to you Insense, have fun on Parfumo.
FlaconneurFlaconneur 7 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, Insense. Nice to have you with us.
ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
Hello Incense, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!