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Absolutely Vital by Diana Vreeland

Absolutely Vital„Sacral aura”
This fragrance smells private, like the secret you never share. It’s significantly different from everything I’ve smelled so far - even though the ingredients are common, the result stands out. At first sniff I blushed. It is a fairly homogeneous blend, as I can’t...

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This one is such a tender&happy scent! Imagine a gentle bergamot wafted sophisticatedly into a mist of spiced vanilla. Mmm...
Different direction in makeup scents. Really beautiful. Modest performance. Would still buy for the scent.
Strong opening, first sniff neutralized my senses. Very sweet gourmand-floral. Gives me the feeling of an edible body lotion.
Seems simple in theory, but the perfume itself projects class and refinement and is beautiful beyond words.
Resinous and powdery, a complex and evocative iris that doesn’t make a safe blind buy at all. Memorable.
To the nostalgic for peachy old school glamour, this is THE PERFUME!
Boozy truffle that promises a gourmand to remember; associated image: Dita Von Teese in a Martini glass but with chocolate liqueur instead.+1
beautiful iris that grows powdery but not obsolete, sexy but not coarse, alluring but not intoxicating; reminiscent of boudoir smell.
citrus brutally submerged in something truly stinky and scary/ orange swallowed by nightmares/ smell of horror with a citrusy touch/ angst+1


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