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IriniIrini 2 days ago
Sehr romantisch ........:-))
AolaniAolani 3 days ago
I love books and the scent of books, espacially when they are new....
for some people your pic may seem simple - for me it is a whole world...
IoanaPIoanaP 3 days ago
Thank you everyone!
Fresh21, music too, ofbloodycourse!:)
Gold, yes, Romanian! Thank you!:)
This was the perfume that started the madness for me long time ago.
GoldGold 4 days ago
Romanian book? Lovely language. Beautiful presentation and idea.
Helena1411Helena1411 4 days ago
Books and perfumes- both are a passion of myself. Of course I love your pic!
SmittySmitty 4 days ago
I love this pic and this perfume :)
Lavendel18Lavendel18 4 days ago
Beautiful presentation, nice atmosphere!
EntenradioEntenradio 5 days ago
Fresh21Fresh21 5 days ago
Reading and smelling ... a nice combination (plus listening music hopefully, too:)
GandixGandix 5 days ago
Soft and gentle. I like it.
SantalwaltiSantalwalti 5 days ago
The book looks inviting ... the necklace and the simply beautiful perfume bottle are also very chick
FloydFloyd 5 days ago
Beautiful idea!.....

IoanaP Perfume Pictures