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My wish has finally come true!


FlankerFlanker 2 years ago
Wohooo!! Crisp & wonderful!
IoanaPIoanaP 2 years ago
@Fresh21 thank you! And both :D! I’ve been curious about this fragrance for quite a while and this is my favorite of my photos!:)
Fresh21Fresh21 2 years ago
Your wish came true ... to wear this lovely frag or to shoot this perfect pic? Seems both :)
BlödelBlödel 2 years ago
Der Flakon kommt einfach nur geil zur Geltung.
IoanaPIoanaP 2 years ago
@Gandix thank you very much, the fragrance was really inspiring!
GandixGandix 2 years ago
Your presentation of this wonderful bottle is very very beautiful.

IoanaP Perfume Photos