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82 days ago
Scent 9.0
Sweet Tobacco Spirits by 18.21 Man Made

Sweet Tobacco Spirits„Dusty red wine lips”
It was the early 90's during a school trip to some small village in the middle of nowhere that I got to taste wine for the first time. It was meant to be a fun day of learning for us city kids getting in touch with the rural world but it was hot and dusty and we were...

105 days ago
Scent 7.5
Oud Save The King by Atkinsons

Oud Save The King„Saccharin Oud”
Smelling Oud Save The King feels like slowly sinking into the cushion of a big, comfy sofa, the prominent suede and oud notes just so smooth and velvety, perfectly supported by sweet orris and creamy sandalwood. Sadly the top notes are nowhere to be found, and without...

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Smooth vanilla and velvety suede. Sweet and elegant like expensive edible lipstick.
Dark chocolate powder and plenty of dry wood drenched in whiskey. A very classy and sober gourmand scent.
G. G. - Nasengold   Itchynose 13 days ago
Too many sour and bitter notes in the opening for my liking but it becomes more subdued and pleasant as it dries down.
Clean, fresh, slightly sweet and soapy mandarin with a bit of moss and petitgrain in the background.
No lime here but a lot of harsh, pungent lemon. Have to admit I've smelled cleaning products that were more pleasant than this.+1
The citrus-tequila opening is fantastic, sadly the lemon becomes a bit too sweet, musky and cloying for the rest of the short ride.+1
A picture made of damp soil, crushed branches and green leaves on a jungle floor recently roamed by a herd of elephants. Very artistic.+1
Warm sponge vanilla cake with candied orange peel on top.+1
Spicy spearmint supported by lime, vetiver and juniper berries for extra brightness and sparkle. Sharp, green, a bit synthetic and soapy.+2
Opens like an Aventus clone without the oakmoss and ambergris, then dries down into a slightly spicy vetiver scented soap. Clean & pleasant.+1


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Eight & Bob Belcher
Au Coeur du Desert
Au Coeur du Desert
Thera & The Bridge
Thera & The Bridge
Mugler colognes
Mugler colognes


ControversyControversy 80 days ago
Thanks for the fabulous swap L. ! Highly recommended!
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Excellent Souk seller, highly recommended, thank you, it was a plesure to deal with you.
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It was a great opportunity to deal with you. Good communication and fast shipping. It was a pleasure. Thanks for all your care.
Greetings from Portugal
SantalwaltiSantalwalti 174 days ago
warm greetings from Germany - more specifically, from my GARDEN, where I work many hours a day

Have a nice day
LydianLydian 7 months ago
Thank you very much for the super nice swap, the friendly words and fast communication and shipment!
IriniIrini 7 months ago
Hey my dear, thanks a lot for compliment ..:-)) Have a nice weekend + kind regards **
AmylovesyouAmylovesyou 8 months ago
Hey my dear
thanks a lot for the comment to my photo of Souffle de Soie. It‘s not easy to see the difference but this was in sunday mornig so it’s a sunrise
Have a nice day :)
1709MZRHFP1709MZRHFP 8 months ago
Vielen,herzlichen Dank für Tausch.Heute habe ich alles bekommen und auch lieben Dank für Proben.Gerne wieder.
L.G. Olga
AnessaAnessa 8 months ago
Happy Valentine to you too, and welcome to Parfumo! :)