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SantalwaltiSantalwalti 8 days ago
I hear the foliage rustling
LiquidLuckLiquidLuck 17 days ago
Gorgeous shot - nicely done!
EveMistEveMist 28 days ago
fantastic shot... love it :)
ItchynoseItchynose 30 days ago
Thank you all for your nice comments. Fortunately the mirrors were still shiny without my fingerprints when I took the picture ;)
EauMySoulEauMySoul 30 days ago
I’m truly fascinated by this, there is something spectacular about it.
Sweetsmell75Sweetsmell75 30 days ago
fantastic! i love it!
IlovecoffeeIlovecoffee 31 days ago
Wow this is fantastic
MimaraMimara 33 days ago
What an extraordinary and wonderful picture!
EauMySoulEauMySoul 33 days ago
This is truly fabulous....
Kissa72Kissa72 35 days ago
What a great picture! These saturated colours...
ZoraZora 35 days ago
Fantastische Spiegelung, super Foto.
SvenjamisiaSvenjamisia 35 days ago
Fantastisches Bild .
SeejungfrauSeejungfrau 35 days ago
Really fantastic !
IriniIrini 36 days ago
Breaking beautiful .........^*^
SmittySmitty 36 days ago
PureNeugierPureNeugier 36 days ago
That‘s really gorgeous !
GandixGandix 36 days ago
Fantastic. The blue light of the flakon and the reflections of the leaves, so clear, wow.
HexanaHexana 36 days ago
Great picture - I like it!
Fresh21Fresh21 36 days ago
ZEN can't be better visualized than by your pic. It creates an enormous meditative silence & peace. Just perfect !
AolaniAolani 36 days ago
you did a great job - wonderful picture!
ScottieScottie 36 days ago
The reflections are very nice, absolutely fantastic shot:)

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