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Ivonneta 7 years ago 2

Didn't have big expectations about this one. But... what a pleasant surprise. One of my best non-niche acquisitions. Not a fan of leather but was so carefully created that I felt in love :D

Ivonneta 7 years ago 1

A bomb!
Love incense, frankincense, myrrhe...etc
Avignon is what other fragrances promise and you never get
I made a vid bcos it's easier for me than typing gators :p

Ivonneta 7 years ago 1

Velvet Carnation
Not a big fan of this Velvet Collection, and not a big fan of the price.
But I think of he ones that I've tried so far, this is one that I most probably keep with me
Better, If you can check my vid :D aaaahhh
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Ivonneta 7 years ago 1

My review :p
Welly peeps my review is in my video :p
Another one that I'm not sure if I will keep or not, most probably not
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Ivonneta 7 years ago

A pleasant surprise
I'm testing this one now, I received samples of the full line.
Very strong almost sharpy oppening of citrus and white flowers, which starts to get warmer, once the rose and the cinammon are present. Velvety, creamy, rich, almost milky. The musk is very soft and femenine, and the flowers sing from time to time around the composition.
It's very playfull, and tricky in a good way.
The warm cinammon note is always present, along with musk and sandalwood but in a non intrusive way.
I'm sure there's a vanilla hint at the background.
It feels like a cozy place where you want to cuddle :)
Projection: medium
Longevity: around 6 hours on my skin. But I'm a fragrance sucker :p