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22 months ago
Straight to Heaven by Kilian

Straight to Heaven„An intoxicating and addicting scent.”
Overall, I would describe this scent as quite masculine, yet very elegant. What I mostly get from this on my skin is a very woody, slightly sweet, and rich "dampness". In the opening of the scent, there is actually a really nice and subtle rum note...

22 months ago
Dolce di Giorno by Bois 1920

Dolce di Giorno„Beautiful and unique unisex scent”
Up top I get a cinnamon-spicy, sweet and woody plum. Fairly strong, very natural. Great blend. Over the first 10 minutes, the scent gets more and more woody. Ultimately, I get a VERY strong cedar wood on top of a sweet and spicy cinnamon plum. SUPER...

Perfume Blog

3 years ago

JCopelandSFP„Commodity Goods-Wool Review: A beautifully safe and pleasant fragrance!”
From the first blast, this comes off as immediately fresh, probably from the lavender in the heart. So pleasant. There are citruses (mandarin orange, grapefruit) at top that I definitely get. Also a fresh and crisp apple note that is very apparent. A bright sweetness. There is also a clear herbal nature,...


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