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5 years ago - 16.04.2017

Commodity Goods-Wool Review: A beautifully safe and pleasant fragrance!

From the first blast, this comes off as immediately fresh, probably from the lavender in the heart. So pleasant. There are citruses (mandarin orange, grapefruit) at top that I definitely get. Also a fresh and crisp apple note that is very apparent. A bright sweetness. There is also a clear herbal nature, which comes from the artemisia. Such an interesting mix: bright citrus, aromatic lavender, and a strong herbal note. Makes the fragrance almost smell like something that you might be able to smell in a wet, dewy forest...through all of this (over the first 5 minutes), I wondering how this could remind me of wool, BECAUSE SOMEHOW IT DOES! I don't get it, there is a a paradoxically "stuffy" freshness that reminds me of a clean wool sweater. I don't think I'd ever find a sweater that quite smells this way, but it does construct that vibe in my mind. I think it's the herbal nature that makes the strong freshness a little earthy. There is a certain mainstream quality to this scent, though it does have its own character. Its definitely safe & signature worthy. The triad of the definitive accords (fresh, herbal, sweet), seems like it'd make this fragrance incredibly versatile...a little bit along the lines of Legacy from Cristiano Ronaldo. Lavender freshness that dries down to a warm sweetness (with a little bit of freshness still in there). 20 minutes in, its still a bit linear from where it began. Very much smells like a fresh and slightly sweet plant (amber and/vanilla in the base is adding to sweetness). I picture an artemisia plant "soaking" up vanilla, amber, and apple through its roots and emanating that scent into the air. A few people have compared this to the original Armani Code...I don't really pick that up myself. Maybe the opening is has a similar vibe....if you're really trying to draw a comparison, that is. The only note that the two fragrances share is bergamot in the opening. Overall, this is undeniably pleasant and fairly potent. The other fragrances from this house exude the same type of quality as Wool, and I certainly plan to include in-depth reviews of them.