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JPhxJPhx 8 years ago
Oudh Ma'al Wardh - Al Haramain

Oudh Ma'al Wardh The idiosyncratic aura of Oudh Ma'al Wardh by Al Haramain
Oudh Ma’al Wardh by Al Haramain Literally an eye opener for those who are not accustomed to the pungent odour of some of the wonderful concentrated perfumed oudh oils from the Arabian perfume houses. A mellow...

JPhxJPhx 8 years ago
Myrrhe & Délires - Guerlain

Myrrhe & Délires Comforting and yet ethereal for autumn days.
For a soft iris amber aroma with just a hint of patchouli and myrrhe, the opening experience of Guerlain's Myrrhe & Délires will not disappoint. Initially the pepper is quite striking, yet never sharp nor tangy with...




Franfan20Franfan20 8 years ago
Oh and by the way, thanks also for the additional samples. out of those the vanilla one and Lady Cool are quite nice too.
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Thank you MNQ :-) for the big welcome. Are there many of us on this Isle of All Seasons? :-)))
JPhxJPhx 9 years ago
Thank you Flaconneur, this seems to be a super site. I have come across it while searching for reviews a few times in the past month or so and decided to join up :-) There are a couple of familiar names a recognise from BN :-)))
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Welcome to Parfumo, JPhx. Nice of you to join us.
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Thank you so much. :-))
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Hello JPhx, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!