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JSpinesJSpines 65 days ago
Sofía (Eau de Parfum) - Sofía Vergara

Sofía (Eau de Parfum) Sofia Sofia Vergera
The praise for this perfume is well placed, it's well done. Original? No but who cares? You can not tell that this is a celebrity fragrance, neither by smell or longevity because both are great. A Chanel Coco Mademoiselle dupe? You betchya! It smells...

JSpinesJSpines 65 days ago
Glistening Amber - Juicy Couture

Glistening Amber Glistening Amber Juicy Couture
Throw away everything you know about Juicy Couture fragrances and then you can imagine what this particular line smells like because they certainly have none of that typical Juicy Couture DNA. If you usually love Juicy Couture fragrances,...


JSpinesJSpines 14 months ago
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