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JSpines 4 months ago 2

Ultrared Man Paco Rabanne
The blind-buy bandwagon isn't always a safe place. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I too, succumbed to the hype with this fragrance. For 55 dollars (Canadian), I figured that it would be worth taking a chance on. I have a decant of Mugler Ultra Zest but I don't love it, it's a solid "like" though. I had a feeling that Ultrared Man was going to be better for me and I was right because I love this one (I find it more fresh than the Mugler.) I have very few summer time scents that I love on myself. I'm naturally geared toward winter time scents that are heavy and gourmand and have little to no citrus in them.
The only fragrance that I wore regularly last summer was Light Blue Eau Intense Dolce&Gabbana (the women's version.) That one smells great on me and I have received the most compliments on that scent than I have on any other fragrance that I own (by a mile.) I think that Ultrared is going to give it a run for it's money this summer!
It starts out heavy on the blood orange and has a really nice zing to it. Right away, you can detect the vanilla and it mixes with the orange seamlessly, definitely giving you the best possible Orange Creamsicle vibe. That impression remains but on a lower scale once patchouli joins the party, giving it a solid base and helping with the lasting power. The sweetness is there, bolstered by the praline but it's never cloying or sickening.
Overall, this is a solid fragrance and one of my best blind-buys ever. No regrets in picking this one up. Destined to be a new summer staple!

JSpines 4 months ago 2

Ariana Grande R.E.M.
Definitely named right. A bedtime fragrance indeed. AKA: light! It really is lovely. Comforting, soothing, calming, gentle, agreeable, non-offensive, perfectly suited to lull you off to sleep. This fragrance is the equivalancy to the friend that everybody likes. Yes, it's somewhat synthetic but who cares, nobody's perfect. This is the type of scent that you grab for when you don't know what else to wear but you want to smell good and don't feel like being challenged by anything too involved or complex.
To my nose, the most prominent notes are lavender, musk and salt.
My only gripe is just how light the fragrance really is. I understand that the idea behind the scent is that it is meant for bedtime but even for that purpose, for me, it's still far too light. I have the type of skin that holds fragrance very well and I don't feel that I am an over-sprayer. However, I had to spray it 10 times to get the desired level of smell that I wanted. For that reason alone, combined with the fact that it's nothing super-unique, I don't find it necessary to purchase a full bottle. Still, it's a nice perfume as long as you don't mind burning through your bottle rather quickly.
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JSpines 4 months ago 3

Ariana Grande Thank U, Next
Going into this, I knew what to expect as I had read the reviews first. When I first sprayed it, the dill pickle smell was on full display. There is no mistaking it, it is definitely straight up dill pickles. As it sits on the skin, I find that the pickle smell morphs into something herbaceous and I get a cilantro vibe. It took a full hour of wearing this for those strange top notes to completely disappear on my skin, giving way to something much more palatable and tasty. What you are left with is the complete opposite to what you start off with. I smell sweet raspberries mixed with pears, creamy coconut with a hint of rose, all laying on a delectable bed of macarons, giving an overall impression of a sweet (but never too sweet) confectionary treat.
For me, going through the ugly duckling pickle stage was worth it, in order to get down to the beautiful swan finish of what you are ultimately rewarded with.
I don't find this fragrance to be too heavy or cloying and it doesn't smell cheap either. It's well blended and I can detect all of the notes except for the musk. It leaves a lovely scent trail and the lasting power wasn't an issue for me. When I woke up after sleeping, I could still catch hints of it.
This scent takes some patience in the beginning but if you're in it to win it, you'll be glad you put in the effort to allow it to fully blossom.
After testing out my decant, I promptly ordered a travel spray and I predict a full bottle in my future.
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JSpines 5 months ago

Carrera Jeans Donna
This perfume really impressed me! For a cheapie (19.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart), it smells and performs like an expensive, designer fragrance. I can smell the orange, rose, vanilla, tonka bean, almond and sandalwood. The overall effect is powdery, sparkling, effervescent and comforting. Like a blanket wrapped around you! This is a "sweater" scent. You want to smell like this while wearing your favourite cashmere sweater! It also projects well and really lasts! People pay well over a hundred dollars for fragrances that are nowhere near as good as this one is. I can't believe that this is sold at such a bargain basement price point. I have a hard time with certain powdery fragrances not agreeing with me (Ange ou Demon, Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme) but I had no issues with Carrera Jeans Donna, which was a relief. Grab this if you can, while it's still on the bargain shelf. Great value for your money!

JSpines 6 months ago

Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Something Wild
Every single time that I wear this, it reminds me of one thing and one thing only, Creme Brulee! I get a rich custard base, topped with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. I believe that the notes of vanilla and cedar mixing together is giving off the vibe of burnt cream. I personally love this fragrance. It's simple in its composition but smells more complex. It's cheap to buy but gives off a much pricier scent impression. The best thing about this scent is it is very well tempered. It's disposition is not sickeningly sweet which keeps it from being nauseating. Highly recommended for testing if you like vanilla-esque fragrances!

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