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40 days ago
Scent 8.5
Chypre-Siam by Rogue Perfumery

Chypre-Siam„A Vintage Lovers Dream”
On the opening I get lush lime and basil with white florals of creamy ylang ylang and the most beautiful jasmine accord. There is exotic spices, sandalwood, hints of civet and a lovely sweet oakmoss to die for. These notes are constantly dancing around each other...

58 days ago
Scent 7.0
Siberian Summer by Areej Le Doré

Siberian Summer„Siberian Summer”
The first thing to hit me after spraying two sprays of Siberian Summer was a beautiful musk. It pounced on me like a cat, this was followed by lime, bergamot and a smoky camphor note.  The musk is nice and slightly sweet which is mixed in with a green pine and I'm picking...


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