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Jasmine87Jasmine87 8 years ago
Musc Ravageur - Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Musc Ravageur Naughty and Nice
I have been wearing MUSC RAVAGEUR for 3 consecutive days since I bought it, which does not happen very often with the way my moods change. Musc Ravageur seems to be a complicated scent with beautiful facets that can certainly hold my interest. Loaded...

Jasmine87Jasmine87 8 years ago
Ambre à Sade - Nez à Nez

Ambre à Sade Warm & Delicious
The initial blast on my skin is warm and fruity -- juicy strawberries and blackberries drizzled with thick caramel and creamy vanilla. Within minutes the berries are cloaked by the smoothness of the tonka and the warmth of the amber while the scent...




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