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JavSantanaJavSantana Trying out Givenchy Gentleman '74 after several days of not wearing cologne! Applying in a controlled way keeps the civet from being disgusting. 12 months ago

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JavSantanaJavSantana 2 months ago
Quorum (Eau de Toilette) - Puig

Quorum (Eau de Toilette) Best bang for the buck 80's powerhouse
First of all, a couple of things to make clear in my review: 1: Not a powerhouse in performance, but surely in scent 2: Never knew the vintage version I received Quorum in the mail while mantaining a couple of my personal...

JavSantanaJavSantana 2 months ago
Obsession (Eau de Parfum) - Calvin Klein

Obsession (Eau de Parfum) Civet Cheapie
My mother has a vintage bottle of this which aged in a very particular way. I am assuming it is an early 2000's or late 90's one, surely containing a natural, rancid civet note. A different type of perfumery, i find it alluring and inviting, sexy,...

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My father has a vintage bottle from the 90's which aged well. Really nice herbal and leather, citrus and tarragon pop a lot when i smell it.
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