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JavSantana 10 days ago 2

The cologne of my deceased uncle
My uncle Alfred used to ride motorbikes back in the day and unfortunately passed away in an accident on 2003. And on the bathroom of the first floor of my grandparent's house where he used to live, was left a motorcycle - shaped bottle which contained a pretty masculine, quite old school fragrance, rather an after shave balm, which to me smelled amazing and is a very nice aromatic memory, everytime i went to that house, i got into the bathroom and smelled the cologne. As time passed, i think one of his brothers took the bottle and i stopped smelling it...

Then, on quarantine 2020 i got to smell a fragrance which is pretty similar to XS (I didn't knew XS back then) called Carlo Corinto black, a pretty woody fragrance with a dominant juniper berries note. However, that is a frag that was launched some six years ago or so, Alfred died in 2003. Some days ago i got to try several colognes at a Waldo's store here in Mexico, and the XS inspiration inmediately brought so many memories to my mind. It is the cologne i had been searching for since years ago, and the smell memory of my uncle. I bought it, a pretty nice, juniper berries heavy, very aromatic, men's fragrance, with a touch of old school.

JavSantana 10 days ago 2

Mother of gourmands
I personally have to say that i don't like very much modern gourmand fragrances. However, i tested this on the store, liked it a lot and i bought it for a good date night frag. I personally felt on it a kind of leathery nuance to it because of the balsamic notes, and i kind of recall this had a tar note on it. Plus, we have the gourmand / sweet base and the touch of patchouli, plus the "metallic" opening. Overall and amazing fragrance

JavSantana 16 days ago 3

Pleasant Sonia Constant cheapie masterpiece
I smelled this along Ambre Noir in a store here in downtown Zacatecas, Mexico. A nice leather / vetiver blend as the name suggests. Facets of heavily woody and almost leathery vetiver and the sandalwood which is said to act as leather, join a slight sweetness and an overall wood / leather feel. If we talk on leather this is perfectly versatile, it is a nice pleasing scent, no difficult to wear stuff here. Some mention the similarity to Terre De Hermes, i personally don't know that, but it is great. I don't know if i should buy Ambre Noir or this, worth mentioning that when i sprayed it i rubbed the fragrance and it dropped in projection and longevity, i don't know if i did harm the frag molecules or if it just doesn't perform on me. I will check that later when testing it and going for one of the two

JavSantana 16 days ago 2

Nice CH Privé alternative (Or even better)
Ambre Noir is made by the same perfumer of CH Men Privé, Christophe Raynaud, and if there is an original, it is this one, i assume that when Carolina Herrera ordered the creation of Men Privé, Monsieur Raynaud based that creation upon this one.

What does it share with the Herrera frag? How does this Ambre Noir smells like?
I could pretty much explain Ambre Noir as huge leather accord with a tonka / cardamom backbone and with some of the characters of the leather such as the smoky part of it taken off. If you look up the notes you'll see what i mean: Resins of elemi and benzoin coming from the amber which are pretty much a base for leather along tar or ibq, (I mean, Ambre Noir does not contain any of those two) violet leaf (Adds up a petrol tone) and resinoid vetiver which add heavily to that overall leather feel, cedar might also add up some to it.

Any perfumers looking to create leather: Look no further to birch tar / ibq, vetiver, resins such as elemi and benzoin and violet leaf.

So, what it does share to CH Privé?: Resinoid leather, spices such as tonka bean and cardamom which add up the sexyness, woods, citrus and aromatics and finally, sweet amber / vanillic notes.
I am looking forward to buy this frag for my Xmas selfpresent. I would put it even above Herrera. Costs way less, the ingredients i would say are of a comparable quality (The eternal natural vs synthetic ingredient fight) and most importantly, it actually smells good on my skin, unlike CH Privé. As i have mentioned earlier Privé smells like plain Coke on my skin, doesn't smell leathery or resinous at all.

bottom line: Wait for the discounts on this and get 5 bottles of it and 5 more of Cuir Vetiver

JavSantana 1 month ago 1

All has already been said...
Amazing compliment puller, i am almost sure this is the fragrance women prefer the most above any other. A modern masculine scent, much more than almost all of those mentioned in "masculine" cologne lists... A nice peppered fougere with the ambrox base. Projection of this is amazing (Dior ambassador here in Mexico says it has not been reformulated, just get a bottle and age the liquid for some months) and the performance is also pretty surprising as well. Only problem, if you wanna call it that: It is pretty common in most places. (Not in my city however) If you get it, be aware of that, but also consider it is an amazing compliment puller and the most versatile cologne there is in the market.

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