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Only three notes but masterfully combined for a bouquet to enjoy in every season and mainly in springtime: a fizzy opening with apple nots, a very feminine and warm Jasmine heart and a drier musky base, more "masculine", but giving the perfect deeep touch to the scent.
However I ask myself the reason of the name "Dear iris" , because there isn't any iris note in this accord. It's weird!
Anyway, a very good scent with an average sillage and a very affordable price: about 10€ for a 100ml size, but you can find in the Zara stores or on the site also the roll on or the mini size to keep in your bag for a last minute touch of delicious freshness. Last but not least, the bottle: simple but refined, with a very pretty multicoloured fabric strip for an almost "hippie" touch . dear iris, you don't contain iris, but you'll be mine!

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I fell in love with this warm and almost narcotic fragrance the first time it appeared in the drugstores here in Italy: this lipstick-shaped blue bottle , minimal, but refined and so feminine and mysterious at the same time, hides a true irresistible love potion that conquired me at first smell.
But let's describe the accord: first of all, you are involved by a vibrant orange leaf note accompanied by the mandarine fruity touch, but after a few seconds the Jasmine absolute, warm , feminine and sensual, arrives to your nose and you begin to dream of Arabian nights and nocturne scenes. But the main actor and the deepest note of this edp is the Vanilla Bourbon: sweet but never swetish, involving, almost cocooning. It's the perfect accord to me. A bouquet to enjoy by night or by day too in the coldest days. The sillage is surprisingly good, as well as the longevity. It isn't only a perfume to me, it's a drug! So, the name "Dior addicted" is perfect because you risk the addiction if you love powerful scents like this. It's a fragrance classic and Young at the same time, it is flowery but not too ladylike and warm-gourmand without resulting girly. A true Dior's masterpiece in my opinion. The price is high, of course, but you'll have a true scented bomb! (Maybe don't wear it at the office, of course....it's a typical leisure scent).
So, I think that this fragrance is a must have if you want to feel sexy and irresistible.

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Violets are the first spring flowers: they seems like shy, humble, they remind to a discrete and just suggested feminity, they appear in the classic eaux de cologne and in historical scentes like Viletta di Parma and similar. I could associate the violet to the famous painting of the lady with the parasol and to White and pastel lace clothes.
But the violet contained in this wonderful creation by Guerlain is another thing: yes, sir, the shy violet became unhibited and very sexy with a strong character and and intoxicating effect.
I must confess that just a few months ago I didn't like so much this fragrance, because I 'm not a great violet scent lover. But something has recently changed smelling again this eau de parfum.
First of all I perceived the red berries scent, round and fruity, making me think of the good season, but immediately the main actress arrives: a strong violet note , vibrant like a soprano solo, intense, provocative, almost "insolent" , just like the scent name suggests.
This flowery and intoxicating note is harmonized in a warmer accord made of Woods and a quite gourmand tonka bean, lasting on the skin for many hours and revealing more and more a quite velvety and vanilla drydown.
A hymn to feminity, perfect to wear in the spring nights or in those cold first days of early spring.
The new but historical decorated bottle with the bees (the bee , "l'abeille", is the symbol of the Maison Guerlain) is a glass art masterpiece and gives a more precious character to this great classic of the contemporary perfumery. The price is obviously high, but I think that this one is a must have in a perfumes collection.
So, if the violet dares....dare the violet!

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I tested many times this scent by Zara nowadays wearing a new and more elegant packaging: a simple and refined squared bottle showing the scent clearness .
But let's spray:first you won't smell any rose note , but a gorgeous fruity accord, bright and almost fizzy. Then you'll perceive the flowery heart, with a pale rose touch accompanied by a shy and light violet .At the base, soft and warmer notes of musk and vanilla, not at all sweetish, only suggested. It's the perfect spring bouquet to wear mainly by day because the sillage isn't so strong. A very feminine and romantic symphony with a touch of "allegro con brio". A true delight aat a very affordable price : about 10€ for a 100ml size. Now I 'm sure: the next buy waiting for the springtime will be this fragrance!

Dear old Moschino, I smelled you today after many years and again it was love at first smell.
You're the perfect Eighties son: rich, opulent, perfectly harmonized, with a strong character and wonderful sillage.
You look like a joke in your weird and funny golden "wine bottle" with the Italian tri-colored ribbon, but you hide a true sexy potion!
I remember when I owned your miniature and I wore some drops for a night at the theatre. I was only a teenager but your rich bouquet hypnotized me without resulting too ladylike or mature on my Young skin.
Now I'm mature and I realized that you are my cup of tea!
your galbanum and tagetes opening notes give you immediately a strong character.
Your rich heart is a true flowery-spicy bomb, the quintessence of the feminity in the pure 80es'style. In particular, the carnation, the nutmeg, and the peppery touch are unmistakable and unforgettable.
Finally, your warm and sweet base: musk, amber, and vanilla.
You're a Scent with the majuscule S but you're such an ironic pretty woman joking with Her beauty. your spicy soul and your funny packaging give you a Young touch making you an evergreen and a must have also after 30 years. In my opinion, you're one of the milestones of the contemporary perfumery, although you're not as legendary as other foreigner brands' scents.
I looked at the prices: you aren't cheap, it's true but surely less expensive than other similar perfumes.
I couldn't forget that night at the theatre while I was smelling all the time your bouquet and I must confess that I miss you: before you go out of the picture, I think I'll buy you and wear you again to keep forever my youth's best memories!

I've tested many times this scent at my usual drugstore and frankly , when the salesgirl proposed me this product in offer, I loked at the bottle and I said to myself: "It looks very girly, it seems like a toy-scent". Anyway, although the heart-shaped bottle with the Golden crown - cap (reminding me of fairytales with princesses and frogs) i sprayed this scent: very light at the the first smell, dominated by sweet meringue and apple-waterlily notes, but after a few minutes you perceive the warm and feminine tuberose heart and the dark chocolate touch, giving a less evanescent character to this bouquet. very pleasant the base, not so heavy, but anyway noticeable: a sweet and warm vanilla and woods accord . The sillage is light to average and clearly this fragrance was thought for a teenager -Young target , surely not for a mature lady. But if you're feeling again like a girl, why don't wear just for fun this feminine-gourmand bouquet? maybe the price, anyway reasonable, is a little high in comparison with the longevity and the sillage, but I think you pay mainly the "artistic" multifaceted bottle , maybe a little kitsch but pretty in its style. it could be the perfect scent for a theme party or for everytime you want to feel like a princess!

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I must confess it: I was often influenced by the bottle shape or the packaging before testing a scent and I 've waited many time before testing this Chanel's edt : its bottle so minimal, so squared, almost masculine, just like the minimalist Nineties would, inspired me something too "cold".
But a few weeks ago something has changed: my more open attitude and my curiosity drove me to smell finally this scent while I was at one of the best drugstores of my town. Oh my God! Why Have I waited for so long? Its bouquet on my my skin was simply wonderful , so feminine, bright, classy and sexy at the same time. The perfect daily scent with a very good sillage and a sense of clean and fresh without renouncing to a touch of sensuality.
The first notes I perceived were fizzy : citruses such as mandarin, lemon and bergamot and the deeper but not too intoxicating bitter orange touch. Then, a feminine flowery heart revealed its power: soft rose, peony and an almost creamy magnolia lasting on my skin all day long. I don't see here on the pyramid above any base note, but there's something deep adn sensual giving that sexy touch to this scent.
Now I understand the reason of the name: the french word "Allure" meaning style, class and elegance and suddenly on my mind resouned the famous George Harrison's wonderful song saying "Something in the way She moves..."
The woman wearing this scent is classy and refined but modern and simple at the same time, she represents a fresh femininty never "shouted". This great contemporary Chanel's classic is expensive (more than 100€ for a 100ml size) but I think it might be a must have for a perfumes collector

A little preface before talking about this scent: I usually like so much and bouy the majority of the dupes by Omerta . They usually are well done and with an average sillage, no matter if very similar to the most famous scents of a little different .
So, the forst time I saw at the market of my town this fragrance, I was very curious and I smelled it immediately. At the first spray I was a little disappointed because I had on my mind the recent version of Opium and this dupe appeared to me too fortified and bitter.
After about a week, I came back to the same stall where I tested this scent and I smelled again the jus spraying it directly on my skin from the tester : it was a Proustian "madeleine" effect. Suddenly I remembered the old Opium I smelled from my mother's fur when I was a little girl. This fragrance was the perfect dupe of THAT Opium! Strong, bitter, spicy, ladylike but transgressive at the same time , having that special character of the legendary vintage scent. Obviously, the bouquet is less refined and more synthetic than the original's one , but the sillage isn't bad at all, although it isn't as longlasting as that masterpiece! But for about 5€ I could have 100ml of a pleasant fall-winter scent, in a nice bottle with the cap recalling the chinese golden geometric decorations, in the vintage Opium 's bottle style.So, I bought this fragrance and now It is a "never without" in the coldest days.

If the Great Mother Earth had a scent, surely it could be this one. It's a true herbs elixir with a fortified texture and a strong and very earthy sillage. Born in the revolutionary 70es, it seems to be an invitation to a more natural and simpler lifestyle. However, its strong sillage made this scent not so "flower power", but very ladylike, although its hidden wildness. There aren't half measures with this freagrance: you love it or it isn't at all your cup of tea.
In my memories, this scent is linked to my aunt : she usually didn't wear any makeup and didn't love too heavy fragrance, but this one, oddly, was its signature fragrance .
The first time I tested on my skin this scent I didn't like it.: too earthy and "dirty" for my Young tastes.
Nowadays I like it so much mainly in the colder season , to me it could be the perfect fall scent.
The chamomile notes and the aromatic bouquet , made of many herb, is noticeable and strong, giving a very particular character to this scent, maybe the only one in the perfumery panorama. But the main actor of this composition is the patchouli: deep, strong, bitter, almost masculine, wild, very earthy and fortified. It gives to this scent all the characteristics of a herb extract.
This powerful "natural bpomb" is contained in a very simple and minimal bottle .
Aromatics elixir is a great classic of the contemporary perfumery and, to me, a must have for evry collector.
It seems to suggest (paraphrasing the famous hippies' words) : "Put herbs in your cannons!"

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Shalimar isn't only a scent , it's a life experience, it's a state of mind, an attitude: everytime I'm feeling feminine and sexy or I'm perceiving something amazing and magic or mysterious around me , I smell on my mind the Shalimar notes.
I'm writing about this scent for my 43th birthday and this morning, browsing in my favourite drugstore shelves, I decided to make myself a symbolic gift: a cloud of Shalimar sprayed from the tester . I was involved in a true scented dream: the opening was very feminine and almost fizzy with vibrant notes of blossoms and bergamot , but immediately this sensation gave way to a very warm and round Jasmine heart to end with wonderful and surprisingly longlasting base note such as a sweet , warm and round vanilla and a wonderful opoponax -tonka bean accord giving that special oriental character to this legendary fragrance having (to me)no rivals since 1925, its date of Birth. The sillage is divine and its warm bouquet makes this masterpiece perfect for the mid or cold season (by day) or for the warm nights. For the winter evenings and nights I suggest the edp version , more incensed . The inmistakable bottle, only a little different from the historical one, is a glass art masterpiece and it recalls the shapes of the Shalimar gardens fountains , today Unesco cultural Heritage.
The price for a 90ml size of this legenadry fragrance is about 100 euros...expensive, but , in my opinion, this scent too could become a Unesco cultural Heritage !

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