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"Sunny, Yesterday my life was filled with rain..."
These are the opeining lyrics of a famous Bobby Hebb's song I like very much.
well, this scent could be the olfactive trasnposition of thi s hymn to lightness and happyness: It's like a "bottled sunny day"., indeed.
At the first spray I smelled immediately its exotic charcter given by the coconut water, with the lightly sour apple and citruses accents.But after a few minutes its warm, sensual and feminine heart reveals all its charm: it's the frangipani flower marrying the Jasmine.The perfect balanced couple for a summer scent.
the base notes, made of amber and cedarwood with White musk accents,are only suggested. This makes this scent very light and wearable also in the hottest days, but a little evanescent and with a quite weak sillage in comparison with the high price. Anyway, a very pleasant sunny bouquet giving good vibes to your summer days or a ray of light when it's raining outside!

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I tested today at my favourite drigstore the reformulated perfume: the bottle was in offer and it was disposable an the shelf. I was so sure to find again a world of memories linked to the old advertisment with the Isabella Rossellini's face,but mainly to my mother and my green years: indeed, Trésor was one of her favourites scents and She wore it in every season, expecially when it was cold and she wore her fur.
I remember its very fruity bouquet , its strong alcoolic character at the first smell, giving way after a few minutes to a warmer heart and to unmistakable apricot notes.
Well, what I smelled this morning was TOTALLY DIFFERENT: a light gourmand scent, not bad, but very synthetic and without that particular fruity touch which was the true soul of the original scent.
What a disappontment! I must reveal a secret: if you want to find again the TRUE Trésor, look for a vintage bottle or, if it's too expensive, try some dupes like Wealth by Omerta. It could seem incredible , but with about 7€ you can enjoy all the original notes of this iconic scent of the early Nineties

This one is the typical case of a flanker totally different from the original.
If Aura is "greenish", sour, "wild" and very difficult to wear (In fact, I hate it) , Aura eau sensuelle is its "different twin": sensual, warm, flowery with spicy touches, round and very feminine, a true pleasure for your nose and for your skin. Firts of all, you are involved by the almost "buttery" and creamy gardenia notes, then you perceive the musky touch, giving a certain deepness to the scent, and finally a light but very particular cinnamon accent.
the sillage is good but discrete at the same time, you can wear this scent by day as well as by night in every season. The precious multifaceted bottle is similar to the classic Aura's one, only the coulor is different: a pale green very refined. The price is high, but don't miss this pearl if you're searching a refined arm of seduction!

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Soft, warm, cocooning and sugary: this is Blue candy by Zara, one of the latest fragrances created by the brand .
Firts of all, let's look at the bottle: a china light blue squared container, quite minimal but refined. It reminds me of the air, the sky, the clouds.
In fact, if you spray the scent you are immediately involved by a soft cloud and you can "smell the sky" with sugary accents and warmer fava tonka notes. The bouquet is quite similar to the "Angel"'s one , but it's softer and lighter, less intense and perfect to be worn by day and in the good season too.
The price for this cocooning delight? absolutely affordable! About 10€ for a 100ml one size. I decied : this one will be my next gift! I cannot resit to a walk among the clouds :)

It' s weird that I 've seen so many times this sinuous golden bottle but I never sprayed the scent: I imagined that it could be like the other Cavalli's creations, quite good but very similar and not so longlasting or particular for my taste..
Well, a few days ago I decided to give a chance to this fragrance and a new love at first smell is born!
Warm, sweet, "Golden", sensual, oriental and extremely feminine, this jus was exactly my cup of tea!
First of all I perceived the peppery touch giving a particular character to the bouquet, but immediately I was involved by an orange blossom cloud: warm and round, not at all bitter or too vibrant, made smoother and warmer by the wonderful oriental base notes (tonka bena, benzoin and sweet but not sweetish vanilla).
the sillage is surprisingly good as well as the longevity: wearing this scent is as exciting as wearing a sexy and intriguing lingerie .The botlle too recalls this sense of "Golden sensuality" with its rounded shape and its warm colour. I feel in this scent the true "Cavalli woman", sexy and refined at the same time.

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Life is like some scents: you must enjoy the moment and smell immediatley the better notes before they pass by.
I don't want to make philosophical speeches, but this reflexion went to my mind smelling this perfume, as good as evanescent.
I usually love all the fragrances by Tesori d'Oriente, an Italian brand making very good products at very affordable prices and with selected ingredients. I am a "serial collector" of all the fragrance of the range.
Although they could seem a little synthetic, the sillage is usually good , expecially for the warmer and spicier scentes. But Hmmam is an exception: it's a "carpe diem" and a wonderful but too short trip to the middle eastern atmospheres.
The opening neroli note is involving, round and very pleasant and feminine, if you close your eyes you can recognize almost the same bouquet you can find in the famous and expensive "Cinema" by Yves Saint Laurent.
The citrusy accents too are very fizzy and give a lively touch to this bouquet. Unfortuantely the base is almost non-existent. the light vanilla- musky notes I perceived the moment I sprayed the scent stepped evaporated after a few seconds leaving only a pale memory on my skin. I must confess that I was a little disappointed. However,I bought anyway this perfumed because the 100ml one size was on sale at 2,99€!
Last but not least, the nw bottle is nicier than the old: it's black with copper-couloured oriental decorations and , as all the fragrance of the line, is very easy and perfect to be kept in your bag for a refreshing moment whenever you want. I recommend this little pleasure mainly in the good season, by day as well as in the hottest nights for its light sillage.

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I have to do a little preface: I've Always been against all types of drugs and i've never smoked a joint, anyway I know the aromatic scent of the burnt marijane : it's unmistakable and I hate it .
However, when I saw on the drugstore's shelf this minimal and almost innocent bottle with the writing "Marijane" and the leaf's picture i saw to myself: "Oh My! A ....bottled joint?"
I was too curipous to discover if this scent was similar to a joint or fresher, more herbaceous and quite different.
The first impression wasn't so good: the marihuna note was quite strong covering the freshness of the citrusy opening notes , but after a few hours the pleasant frankincense note developped its "mystic"intensity giving way to a warmer base of earthy patchouli (noticeable but not too heavy ) , musk, Woods and a vibrant and green vetiver touch. So, finally this scent became balanced.
Anyway, it's a very particular unisex scent, not for everybody. recommended for the old and new hippies believing in the "flower power" phylosophy or simply for those who are searching for a unique fragrance.
So,if you want to "wear a legal joint", just test this scent!

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Just listen to the famous song "Still got the blues " by Gary Moore and close your eyes: imagine the blue notes resounding in the darkness.
Well, now imagine all these things made scent: it's Narciso Rodríguez for him.
First of all I was attracted by the squared, minimal, refined and blue bottle "looking at me" by the drugstore's shelf : it seemed to me very classy and remined me of a contemporary version of some old chemist's bottles .
The moment I sprayed the scent I smelled the blues made perfume: vibrant, deep, but also soft , melancholy and plaintive. This effect is produced by the blue cedar, as vibrant and velvety as the sound of a jazz guitar , the dark and warm ebony note, similar to the sound of the bass, and the musk, giving a stronger character . Vetiver accents give a touch of freshness and lightness to this "olfactive ballad" wearable by a quite introverted but very classy man. It's a scent with a good sillage, but absolutely not heavy. It's a blue veil wearable by a woman too maybe by night for an unexpected androgynous effect. Put a touch of blue(s) in your life!

What's the "man's best"? Is it His strong and brave side or the sweet, sexy but also tender and cocooning one?
This scent seems to represent the warmer and more tender man's side without giving up on the sexiest shades.
It's a true cocoon opening with a pepepry note and giving way to a spicy and very warm heart made of cinnamon and cashmere.Finally, the embrace of a sweet but not sweetish vanilla and Depp and involving tonka bean.
It's the perfect fall-winter fragrance to wear in your special occasions as well as every day for its quite good but not heavy sillage. I tested on my feminine skin too and I was conquired by this warm and spicy bouquet, really pleasant and wearable by a woman too for its sweetness.
Partoicular the golden-amber bottle with its unmistakable oblique shape, typical of the Bruno Banani's creations.
The price is affordable, but unfortunately this scent is available only as a 40ml one size, just like its "scented brothers". I'd prefer a bigger size. Anyway, give a chance to this Golden delight!

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"You don't know what love is until you've learnt the meaning of the blues, untile you've loved a love you had to lose, you don't know what love is..."
These are the bitter opening lyrics of a famous and wonderful jazz ballad talking about a lost love .Love is a "many splendored thing", but it has its bitter side.
Well, when I smelled this unforgettable scent by La Perla I immediately thought of these words perceiving the bitterness of the jus.
First of all, I must remark that this perfume is the perfect son of the Eighties, but with a dark and more "twilight" shade.
it's an indeniable sexy, carnal and very feminine bouquet starting with spicy touches and giving way to a very refined flowery heart dominated by the carnation note and made more sensual and warmer by the Jasmine and the ylang. Finally, a strong and bitter mossy base with earthy patchouli touches , made rounder by oriental notes such as benzoin and ambergris.
A precious potion to wear whenever you want to feel sexy and sophisticated with a dark touch, maybe by night or by day in the colder season. The sillage is wonderful as well as the longevity and in particular the moss-patchouli notes last on your skin for hours and hours. Refined in its simplicity the bottle with the black cap .
A great classic I think every collector might own.

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