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"When I fall in love it will be forever or I'll never fall in love..."
These are the opening lyrics of a famous song performed by great and unforgettable voices suche as Nat King Cole.
Falling in love is a complete , exciting, unique experience. everything in your life seems to be pink coloured and you walk on the clouds.
How to represent this mood with a perfume? I think that with this scent "King Giorgio" hitted the mark.
Pink outside and inviting, its cherry and red berries gourmand opening notes weel represent the sweetness of love with that touch of sour.
The flowery heart is a hymn to feminity: a voluptuos Jasmine marries the flowers' queen, a very romantic rose.
And because love can cause addiction like alcool and it drives you crazy when it's too much, why don't add an alcolic touch with an unusual vermouth base note?
It's the perfect accord. This "scented love story" is longlasting and quite strong and it's perfect by day as well as by night and everytime you want to feel sexy and teneder-romantic at the same time.
Very refined in its simplicity the bottle, with a dusky silver cap .The price is high ....just like true love!

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"Someday He'll come alonethe man I loveand He'll be big and strongthe man i love ..."
With this lyrics by Ira Gershwin, George's Brother, one of my favourite jazz ballads begins.
And I immediately thought of this song the moment I smelled this powerful but also sweet and cocooning fragrance contained in a minimal but very refined bottle.
it's just like my ideal of man: strong but sweet, brave and tender at the same time.
It was love at first smell with this scent: I've been conquired by its spicy and warm embrace .
The peppery opening notes gives that fizzy and masculine touch to the bouquet, made immediately warmer , sweeter and more intriguing by the cinnamon .The tonka bean and the amber at the base give that special cocooning and gourman character, just like a masculine caress.
The sillage is powerful , so this fragrance is perfect in the colder season by day as well as by night . A delight to wear in special occasion or when you want to be seductive with a touch of tenderness. and warmth.
Although it's a masculine fragrance, I think tnhat a woman too could dare this spicy bomb : I tested it on my skin and the result was really surprising.
Everyone has a masculine and feminine side. This scent represents perfectly the union of these characters in a unique , tight, sweet embrace .

I smelled just Yesterday this Tom ford's creation and I was expecting something deeper and more mysterious because I was influenced by the name "orchid". Anyway, It was a very good surprise to me: this shining Golden bottle hides a very powerful scent giving immediately good vibes and warmth to my body and soul.
I 've been immediately involved by pepepry notes hitting my nose , but a few seconds ago the wonderful and vibrant tuberose's solo arrived. This note was like a first lady with a shining Golden dress . the abosolute star.
I thought of the wonderful and unforgettable powerhouses' perfumes of teh glorious Eighties: well, this scent seems stepped out of that Golden period.
Finally, I appreciated the base notes: a warm and perfectly balanced patchouli and the elegant orchid touch. I 'm seeing right now that in the pyramyd there's also a strange chestnut touch, but my nose hasn't perceveid it.
The sillage is surprisingly good , as well as the logevity. The price is very high, maybe too much , however, for my tastes, I think that this one is a great old style perfume to wear by day in the mid-cold season or also by night everytime you want to shine and leave a sign of your passage.

A tall and slim gentleman wearing a long dark coat with a perfect British aplomb is walking on the streets of the Big Apple , populated by lots of "macho-men" wearing bomber or black leather jackets.
He's alone, He's different, He's refined and classy. Just like the Englishman in New York mentioned in the famous song by Sting .
This is what I imagined looking at 2My Sir"'s bottle and smelling its bouquet.
In a very refined fumé bottle there's a very classy scent involving your nose and your body in a wonderful citrusy-aromatic-spicy cloud.
First of all, you smell the opening citrusy-spicy notes, with a solo of ginger and rhubarb similar to the one of the Brandford Marsalis' soprano sax in the Sting's tune. Vibrant and refined.
Then, a warmer peppery heart develops its character but it's immediately balanced by a very british lavender touch. Finally, a wonderful amber-patchouli base where the notes aren't too strong, , earthy or too "masculine" , but just suggested, giving a deeper touch to this so good balanced bouquet.
This is the secret of a longlasting scent never resulting heavy and perfect to be worn at the office too or everytime you want to feel different but with discretion.
I tested this scent on my feminine skin too and it was wonderful: it develops almost incensed notes and the peppery-spicy accents give their best .
Last but not least , the affordable price, because class is an attidute and not a money matter.
So, citing the last lyrics of the famous song, if you feel a gentleman inside, give a chance to this scent and "BE YOURSELF, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY"

A pale pink sale shaped bottle , a very feminine , clean but also warm bouquet, a sense of cleanless: this is Bruno Banani. An easy to wear perfume perfect as every day scent, in the free time as well as at the office for its light and discrete sillage.
You can perceive waterlily and freesia soft notes made warmer by a vanilla touch at the base. A vanilla not too sweet or sweetish, not oriental or gourmand, but only suggested and good balanced.
The longevity isn't so good , the sillage maybe is a little weak, but you can spray this scent in summer too for its lightness. Just the perfect "casual " scent for every day.
The perfume is available as one 40ml size and the price is affordable.

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How can three notes only create a so magic scent? I can't explain it, but it's possible and Pasha black edition is the true demonstration. Deep, spicy, masculine, warm, spicy, luxurious: this is the character of this scent worthy of a king of the harem. You suddenly imagine an oriental night smelling this sexy and intoxicating bouquet made of a vibrant green Citrus, an amber heart and a cedar touch.
The sillage is fantastic as well as the longevity. This scent could embrace you by night or by day in the cold season.
Particulra and mysterious the black bottle with the silver cap recalling a typical middel eastern container for balsamic resins or spices. I tested this fragrance on my feminine skin too and it was surprisingly good.
In my opinion, the Maison Cartier created a true black oriental pearl. men, if you want to feel the king of the harem, just try this scent!

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A deep pink silhouette, a weird irregular shape, a flowery and light bouquet: this is Bruno Banani Pure Woman.
In fact, there's something very similar to the more famous and expensive Very Irresistible by Givenchy .
Anyway, this scent has its own character, Young and dynamic, fresh, daily and easy to wear but sexy and feminine at the same time. It could be an office scent for is light and inoffesnive sillage as well as a pleasant leisure fragrance to wear in spring -summer mainly by day or (why not?) in the hottest nights with a casual outfit.
But let's smell: first of all, you are involved in a fruity-flowery fresh cloud made of freesia and berries with a very energizing effect. Then, you smell the warmer vanilla notes, just suggested and not at all sweetish, but just giving a more sensual character to this "pink summer cocktail".
Unfortunately, the sillage is quite weak and you have to spray many times the scent if you want a longlasting result. The size too is available only as 40ml bottle . The price is affordable . Give a chance to this young creation and set your pink side free!

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Warm, Yellow, powerful: this Tom Ford's masterpiece is the energy of a sunny day made perfume.
First of all, why the name "For men"? this powerful and opulent scent is genderless in my opinion and it has all the "atouts" for being a wonderful feminine Eighties style, rich and vibrant.
At the opening you smell a fizzy and vibrant symphony of citruses, then you're involved by a warm cloud of very sensual White flowers such as the orange blossom , married to intoxicating and intriguing spicy -Smoky notes.
At the base a warm embrace of Woods, amber and a round patchouli not at all earthy.
I sprayed on my skin and I felt all the warmth and the sensuality of this opulent bouquet .The sillage is strong but the result isn't heavy or "heady" and you can wear this scent also in the good season by day, because the tobacco touch is just suggested. The price for this refined "bottled sun" is very high, anyway I think this is a true gem wwhich could be worn also by those women with a strong personality . Let the sun shine!

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I like very much this edp very similar to a mix between the old Miss Dior chérie and La vie est belle by Lancome.
It has a very pleasant and feminine flowery-gourmand bouquet and it's perfect to be worn mainly by day in every season .The sillage is quite good as well as the longevity. It's available as 50ml one size and the bottle is simple, but pretty and refined although the perfume is cheap (about 5€).
An important detail: the new name. Maybe because the omonymous more famous scent by Thierry Mugler (Aura) , this fragrance now is called ESSENZA JOLIE.
I hope Lidl continue to produce this scent because unfortunately its " brother "Woman I, perfect dupe of Chanel n.5, isn't anymore on the Lidl's shelves (at least here in Italy)!

Nazareno Gabrielli is a good Italian brand and I remember its fragrances since the Nineties. I owned the feminine scent and I loved it, but I never tried this great masculin low cost classic .
Well, today I saw this scent on the shelves of one of my favourite drugstores and I was too curious to test how it could be : the classic bottle was reminding me of something heavy or very aromatic, a scent for mature or old men. What a surprise when i smelled its bouquet: it was an explosion of citrusy notes, fresh but discrete at the same time. Not too vibrant or sour. A true gentleman's fragrance, perfect to be worn by day in the mid season , mainly at the office for its inoffensive but anyway pleasant sillage.
After the fizzy opening you smell an aromatic but Always modern heart and finally a softly Woody-Smoky base, just suggested. It's the perfect balance. It was good on my feminine skin too!
The price is very inviting: about 15€ for a 100ml size or a gift packaging with the scented deo.
As I usually say, style isn't just a money matter. You can be a gentleman with a very low budget!

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