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I usually go to the lidl shops here in Italy and not only for the food but mainly for the good cosmetics at very affordable prices and obviously I am a fan of the fragrances, perfect dupes of great classics such as J'adore or Coco Mademoiselle and, last but not least, n.5.
This fragrance so strong and ladylike was really the PERFECT dupe of the legendary scent by Chanel, the one worn by Marilyn Monroe as a pijama when She went to bed.
Maybe this dupe was a little more bitter than the original one, dominated also by a very feminine and round Jasmine, while here were the aldehidic notes the first to hit my nose. Anyway, a very good product and a surprisingly good longevity at a quite ridiculous price: about 5 € for a 50ml size.
So, maybe you're asking me why I am using the past : simply, today I went to the Lidl store of my town, sure to test and maybe to buy this fragrance and....what a terrible surprise! There wasn't anymore on the shelves. I watched online, but nhere wasn't any trace, Disappeared, lost , who knows?
I went out so disappointed .... sure, I know very well other good dupes of Chanel n.5(being a synthetic-based scent, it isn't so difficult to replicate its bouquet ), but with a so strong sillage and concentration there was only Woman I . I'm waiting for some news and maybe a new edition of this scent , it seems so strange to me....I think that there will be many fans wainting for an answer. At the moment , let me say "rip, Woman I, you were the numeber one...or, better, the number 5!"

You think of the brand Bruno Banani and immediately you imagine oblique bottle and weird or fummy shapes, anyway refined and of design.
i was at my usual drugstore when on the shelves I saw this new fragrancefor man: I was attracted by this blue colour recalling me something deep and mysterious. So, I sprayed the scent: the opening accord, with its spicy-incensed touch conquired me, because i 'm a fan of oriental notes. Then, I perceived something warmer and deep: the cocoa note, noticeable although not so heavy or intoxicating. But I didn't a smell a true "base", of course, I perceived some Woody warm notes, but not so longlasting and able to leave their traces for hours on the skin. What a picty, because it could be the perfect bouquet: round, spicy, deep and pleasant for Her too.
for its quite weak sillage and its inoffensive character I think that this scent could be worn without problems at the office too and in every season, although it gives its best when it's quite cool. You can as well wear it as a night scent igf you have to go in crowded places where too heavy or "heady" perfumes could disturb your neighbours.
The price is quitev affordable but the sizes are small and you must spray the scent again and again.
anyway, if you're a Young man or an alternative spirit , you 're classy with a little bit of mystery and you're searching something different form the most sold perfumes, give a chance to this scent !

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As I wrote about the historical Shalimar edt , this fragrance isn't only a scent, but a lifestyle and a state of mind : feeling " Shalimar to me means feeling good, sexy, beautiful, charming and mainly unique.
Yes sir, this scent is a rare pearl and it's very very difficult to find copies and dupes of it.
After all my searches I realized that there will never be another Shalimar .
But let's smell this wonderful edp version : the Indian trip begins with an almost fizzy note of bergamot , but immediately you are involved by a vibrnat Jasmine cloud , so feminine and intoxicating. But it's the vanilla married to the warm and oriental opoponax which reamains on your skin for hours and hours giving to this scent that unmistakable mysterious but also sweet character. It's the berfect harmony.
Shalimar is really a great love story made perfume : when you find the right one and you feel it yours , you can appreciate and like other scent as well as other men , but there will be only one love in your life.
The sillage and the longevity are extraordinary , it's really a longlasting story. it's perfect in the colder season and by night and mainly in the very special occasion, whenever you want to feel like and Indian princess.
Unmistakable and very precious the recent version of the historical bottle recalling the fountains of the Shalimar gardens which inspired the name and the creation of this absolute masterpiece by Guerlain.
The price for a 90ml size is high, but the quality is the top.
so, dear Shalimar, i want to cite title of a famous jazz standard saying that "THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU"

The first time I saw this expensive and refined fragrance on the shelves of one of my favourite drugstores , I imagined a very light and clean bouquet , something "lunar" , maybe because I was influenced by the name "soir de lune" and by the bottle cap shape, recalling a half moon . so, I was ready to smell a "Clair de lune " by Debussy or by Beethoven made perfume. Classic and pure.
What a surprise when I finally sprayed the scent: it wasn't at all cold and minimalist ,so not a claur de lune by Debussy but a rich and warm "moonlight serenade", just like the great jazz standard by Glenn Miller.
It bouquet was as rich and vibrant as a brass session in a jazz band and the result on my skin intoxicating and warm, with unexpected spicy and zesty notes similar to sax or trumpets solos..
In fact, the spicy accord at the opening is very noticeable giving to the scent a very particular touch and a good sillage. Only after a few minutes you smell the flowery and very feminine -sexy heart, made of Jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. At the base, a warm musky-woody embrace, velvety like a baritone sax and very sexy.
Unfortunately, the price for this "scented jazz composition" is very high , but I think that you must give a chance to this perfume, maybe less famous than "Eau du soir" and "Soir d'orient" but equally intoxicating and refined.
Ready to dance in the moonlight?

When the shy and tender violet meets the sweet Almond , the result is a perfect scented marriage: this eau is very light and pure, clean and minimalist, but also extremely feminine and charming in its simplicity.
The violet note is just suggested, not too vibrant and intoxicating and its shy character is strenghtened by a warmer and sweeter Almond note, giving that "floriental" touch to this scented water.
It's a perfume to wear by day, at the office too because it's very soft and inoffensive. It's perfect in every season but mainly in spring-summer . In my opinion, it's one of the best scented waters made by the good Italian brand Collistar.The price for a 100ml size is quite affordable. about 40€ and you can buy online too.
if you're searching somethoing which makes you feel good and sexy but with dicretion, give a chance to this scent!

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A minute of silence, please. Let Her Majesty the Rose with her court of warm woods go in the palace .
Yes, sir, this is a royal scent. Not only for the adjective. However, in spite of the name "Santal" (French word for Sandalwood), the main actress is the Rose , married to a wonderful, deep, vibrant and intoxicating oud. it's the perfect accord. All around, spicy-woody oriental notes and a light flowery touch given by the White flowers (neroli and Jasmine) at the opening, but these gentle and feminine notes are only suggested, so this scent could be perfect for men too and in every case I think that some masterpieces are genderless .
The sillage is powerful and the longevity surprisingly good. A true sacred perfume to wear in fall-winter, expecially by night or in your special occasions.
The bottle seems almost to hide the precious scent inside and maybe is less precious than the ones of the historical collection . Anyway, a refined black packaging suggesting something very special and mysterious.
The price is obviously very high, but ...noblesse oblige!

If this scent were really the Florence symbol, nobody went to this wonderful Italian city of arts.
Florence means history, fragrant flowers such as the Lily of florence, emblem of the city. It means a countriside all around smelling of cypress and aromatic notes, it means spices and leather .
Well, where is the spirit of the glorious Florence in this watered-down and synthetic scent?
I re-tested it just this morning and the pale result was an indistinct mix of synthetic flowery notes without a base and without a "solo" of a vibrant characteristic note. The sillage is very weak. After a few minutes you don't smell anything on your skin (or, at least, this is my case).I'm sorry, but I'm very disappointed. i don't remember the original bouquet , but if this one is a reformulation, it's a bluff. The packaging too is quite kitsch and spartan and I don't see any reference to the typical symbols of the city of arts. So, don't waste your money for this fragrance. It isn't so cheap....buy it only if you are a nostalgic of the Nineties....but in this case, look for the original vintage version, if you cand find it again: it's far better!

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Only three notes but masterfully combined for a bouquet to enjoy in every season and mainly in springtime: a fizzy opening with apple nots, a very feminine and warm Jasmine heart and a drier musky base, more "masculine", but giving the perfect deeep touch to the scent.
However I ask myself the reason of the name "Dear iris" , because there isn't any iris note in this accord. It's weird!
Anyway, a very good scent with an average sillage and a very affordable price: about 10€ for a 100ml size, but you can find in the Zara stores or on the site also the roll on or the mini size to keep in your bag for a last minute touch of delicious freshness. Last but not least, the bottle: simple but refined, with a very pretty multicoloured fabric strip for an almost "hippie" touch . dear iris, you don't contain iris, but you'll be mine!

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I fell in love with this warm and almost narcotic fragrance the first time it appeared in the drugstores here in Italy: this lipstick-shaped blue bottle , minimal, but refined and so feminine and mysterious at the same time, hides a true irresistible love potion that conquired me at first smell.
But let's describe the accord: first of all, you are involved by a vibrant orange leaf note accompanied by the mandarine fruity touch, but after a few seconds the Jasmine absolute, warm , feminine and sensual, arrives to your nose and you begin to dream of Arabian nights and nocturne scenes. But the main actor and the deepest note of this edp is the Vanilla Bourbon: sweet but never swetish, involving, almost cocooning. It's the perfect accord to me. A bouquet to enjoy by night or by day too in the coldest days. The sillage is surprisingly good, as well as the longevity. It isn't only a perfume to me, it's a drug! So, the name "Dior addicted" is perfect because you risk the addiction if you love powerful scents like this. It's a fragrance classic and Young at the same time, it is flowery but not too ladylike and warm-gourmand without resulting girly. A true Dior's masterpiece in my opinion. The price is high, of course, but you'll have a true scented bomb! (Maybe don't wear it at the office, of course....it's a typical leisure scent).
So, I think that this fragrance is a must have if you want to feel sexy and irresistible.

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Violets are the first spring flowers: they seems like shy, humble, they remind to a discrete and just suggested feminity, they appear in the classic eaux de cologne and in historical scentes like Viletta di Parma and similar. I could associate the violet to the famous painting of the lady with the parasol and to White and pastel lace clothes.
But the violet contained in this wonderful creation by Guerlain is another thing: yes, sir, the shy violet became unhibited and very sexy with a strong character and and intoxicating effect.
I must confess that just a few months ago I didn't like so much this fragrance, because I 'm not a great violet scent lover. But something has recently changed smelling again this eau de parfum.
First of all I perceived the red berries scent, round and fruity, making me think of the good season, but immediately the main actress arrives: a strong violet note , vibrant like a soprano solo, intense, provocative, almost "insolent" , just like the scent name suggests.
This flowery and intoxicating note is harmonized in a warmer accord made of Woods and a quite gourmand tonka bean, lasting on the skin for many hours and revealing more and more a quite velvety and vanilla drydown.
A hymn to feminity, perfect to wear in the spring nights or in those cold first days of early spring.
The new but historical decorated bottle with the bees (the bee , "l'abeille", is the symbol of the Maison Guerlain) is a glass art masterpiece and gives a more precious character to this great classic of the contemporary perfumery. The price is obviously high, but I think that this one is a must have in a perfumes collection.
So, if the violet dares....dare the violet!

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