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5 years ago
Scent 2.0
Spring Flower (Eau de Parfum) by Creed

Spring Flower (Eau de Parfum)„Poopy opening, floral later”
Poop in earth surrounded by freshly stomped on flowers. That's what the opening of Spring Flower smelled like. Maybe Creed intended the opening to resemble the Lantana camara flowers, if any of you are familiar with it, it is also known as 'bunga tahi ayam'...

5 years ago
Scent 9.0
Rosa by Tous

Rosa„Succulent, romantic, alluring rose”
Tous Rosa is a breath of fresh rosy air. It's rich but not overpowering and has a sparkling quality about it. Right off the bat, rose makes a deliciously succulent entrance that to me, is very reminiscent of Carolina Herrera's 212 Rose. But this...


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