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JotadeJotade 2 months ago
Blue Oud - Arabian Oud / العربية للعود

Blue Oud natural oud
A blue big box contains this twins. The blue bottle is 100ml perfume, and the silver bottle is a 22ml attar. Both have the same composition, a combination of Cambodian and Indian Oud with Blue Musk. It starts strong and pungent and stays vibrant for almost...

JotadeJotade 2 months ago
Ateeq Jamil - Feel Oud

Ateeq Jamil woody
Ateeq Jamil is a trat Thailand Oud oil with notes of clover flowers, mimosa, tonka beans, resinous and sweet woodiness. It is not barnyard or stinky, but rather a soft scent of vanillic flowers covered with sweet honey and resins.


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