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We must live on mistakes and scents (Paul Eluard)

Our life every day is studded with a profound flow of emotions, sensations, words and silences that are accentuated according to our sensitivity. I really believe that perfume is one of these!

How often do we associate a person, an event or a place (pleasant or unpleasant) with a perfume? I believe that we perfume lovers do it every day and as far as I'm concerned I did it every minute of my life because the sense of smell is one of the five oldest, archaic and immediate memory senses.

The perfume accompanied us from an early age when we played and our hands were dirty with mud, recalling in us a strong smell of earth, the smell of origins, birth and death. The scent of rain that bathed our warm and thick hair after a sunny day. And then again the smell of games, of food that our loved ones prepared us with loving care. How much of this remains in our memory? I believe that all this is a cultural, olfactory and therefore sentimental baggage that we could not forget.

Then growing up we discover the smell of work and study, that of love and family (for those who have one), but in us there always remains a primordial smell and everything accumulates stratifying in our mind and in our soul.

I don't know for you but I have a very intense memory of my olfactory and life memories, like when for the first time at the age of 9 I went alone to the perfumery of my small town and bought a woman opium for me and the owner was stunned by my choice given the young age: I was always attracted by intense and spicy smells so for me opium was the olfactory reference point. That perfume brought home for me became a treasure to be worn every day and every month as soon as it was finished I always bought another one, thus continuing for about three years.

In the adolescent period I began to alternate various scents but in my heart as a child the magnificent opium remained.

Then I came of age and discovered the niche even though today, 25 years old and rediscovering the vintage, I am madly in love with it. Each of these fragrances makes me experience moments of past life despite having something futuristic inside them, something that projects me to the future. The scent of success and surrender, that of mourning and winning, are moments of essence for me, sometimes too heavy and full of sense to continue being worn.

Over the years I have refined my olfactory abilities and above all I have become increasingly demanding with the fragrances (always preferring spicy oriental) up to the large family of oriental spicy chypree cuoiati where there is the largest and most opulent condensation of the perfume. The complexity and stratification of this olfactory category encompasses the stratification of life and memories. Very often unpleasant memories, made of great pains and mistakes but the departure is always a perfume. A perfume can be your guide, your shield and can even represent your feeling towards a person.

It is a sort of tacit language, of an Aramaic and mystical alphabet that is sometimes incomprehensible, a form of language not expressed but enclosed in ourselves.

We relate to each other thanks to the scent, our mental and carnal imprint passes from the perfume we wear and the influence it has on our personality is so strong that others will also remember us for the perfume we wear.

So every time a memory takes you away from everyday life, every time a person passes by your mind and your heart, every time you don't want to talk, he will speak for you, because he will always be a guardian of your memories and your life. Including your mistakes.

Good smell to all!

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