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JubliantJubliant 6 years ago
Ars Amatoria - Whip - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Ars Amatoria - Whip Holy Roses!
In Bottle: Smells like a wet rose fresh from the garden Wet: Rose punches you in the face, there is something underneath, but it is hard to detect. Dry: Rose just keeps holding on, as a price point i like a plain Tea Rose, but that is just what...

JubliantJubliant 6 years ago
RPG Series - Bard - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

RPG Series - Bard Yummy!
When I wear this scent I feel I get the "she-is-sniffing-her-wrists" look and eyebrow raise. I adore this scent for the first two hours and then it dies on me terribly... In bottle: Bourbon and bay rum, very boozy and sweet, Wet: cheerful....

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JubliantJubliant 9 years ago
On a swap break!
Thank you for looking =) More
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GuusjeGuusje 7 years ago
Whooooooooooooooooooo : D So happy to see you! :D I am not on facebook anymore too ;) and I just resently started being here again after also a long hiatus hehe I will sent you a private message here ( you can find it at the top of the page, in your post box) As far as I know the old group is (very) active on fb still , but I have no details as I left fb 1.5 years ago ;) WIll pm you < 3
Delphine67Delphine67 10 years ago
saw youre name so I had to say hi ;-)
IneverwasIneverwas 10 years ago
Indeed, our tastes are really similar - and our wardrobes too! I so envy your Datura Noir :). Kisses!
Hey newly engaged Chica. Loving it here aren't we:) Bisous
PyarkaalooPyarkaaloo 10 years ago
hello dear Jubliant! lovely to see you here too! looking forward to ur reviews ;)
NjdebNjdeb 10 years ago
Hey hon! Good to see you here!
CrimsonIdol8CrimsonIdol8 10 years ago
What did you do!? You got engaged! WE'RE meant to be together, obviously. ;)
DeGe53DeGe53 10 years ago
Welcome! Yummy collection you have there. I just browsed through your comments, well done and so industrious already! ;-) Keep them coming.....
ShinyAbraxasShinyAbraxas 10 years ago
Great you're posting that many reviews.

Could you rate (incl. longevity) the fragrances as well?
This is quite helpful for other users.
CrimsonIdol8CrimsonIdol8 10 years ago
It would be nice to see you as well, if you hadn't BROKEN MY HEART! :P Congratulations, by the way!