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4 years ago
Ars Amatoria - Whip by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Ars Amatoria - Whip„Holy Roses!”
In Bottle: Smells like a wet rose fresh from the garden Wet: Rose punches you in the face, there is something underneath, but it is hard to detect. Dry: Rose just keeps holding on, as a price point i like a plain Tea Rose, but that is just what this is.

4 years ago
RPG Series - Bard by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

RPG Series - Bard„Yummy!”
When I wear this scent I feel I get the "she-is-sniffing-her-wrists" look and eyebrow raise. I adore this scent for the first two hours and then it dies on me terribly... In bottle: Bourbon and bay rum, very boozy and sweet, Wet: cheerful. Not the pre-teen candy...

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7 years ago

Jubliant„On a swap break!”
Thank you for looking =)


GuusjeGuusje 4 years ago
Whooooooooooooooooooo : D So happy to see you! :D I am not on facebook anymore too ;) and I just resently started being here again after also a long hiatus hehe I will sent you a private message here ( you can find it at the top of the page, in your post box) As far as I know the old group is (very) active on fb still , but I have no details as I left fb 1.5 years ago ;) WIll pm you < 3
Delphine67Delphine67 8 years ago
saw youre name so I had to say hi ;-)
IneverwasIneverwas 8 years ago
Indeed, our tastes are really similar - and our wardrobes too! I so envy your Datura Noir :). Kisses!
Hey newly engaged Chica. Loving it here aren't we:) Bisous
PyarkaalooPyarkaaloo 8 years ago
hello dear Jubliant! lovely to see you here too! looking forward to ur reviews ;)
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Hey hon! Good to see you here!
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What did you do!? You got engaged! WE'RE meant to be together, obviously. ;)
DeGe53DeGe53 8 years ago
Welcome! Yummy collection you have there. I just browsed through your comments, well done and so industrious already! ;-) Keep them coming.....
ShinyAbraxasShinyAbraxas 8 years ago
Great you're posting that many reviews.

Could you rate (incl. longevity) the fragrances as well?
This is quite helpful for other users.
CrimsonIdol8CrimsonIdol8 8 years ago
It would be nice to see you as well, if you hadn't BROKEN MY HEART! :P Congratulations, by the way!