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JulianK 8 years ago
dior homme is very good. I do not like so much dior homme sport. Dior homme But it shows that it is a good perfume.
JulianK 8 years ago
disappoints. reaches dizzy
disappoints. reaches dizzy.

At first I thought it was good. But then I started to feel dizzy. It's weird because I'm a perfumer admired. I think we should focus on creating change in other perfumes.

Roadster was a great creation. Declaration eau is not worth it.
JulianK 8 years ago
Good elegant
Good. I like it. Elegant.
good quality.
When the probe on my skin smell strong note. Male. But both stylish and was not a smell that bothered. Not like other just dizzy. It's a different smell. A classy smell.
6 - 8 by 8