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JulinhobJulinhob 1 year ago
Shu Hadha - Nabeel

Shu Hadha Mysterious, Dark & Elegant
This is definitely not for everyone. Dark, smoky, resinous, very woody (probably oud) and very strong!!!!! This is for sure an elegant and more mature scent, different than anything else i've tried so far and interesting. It does have...

JulinhobJulinhob 1 year ago
Hunter Intense (Eau de Toilette) - Armaf

Hunter Intense (Eau de Toilette) A great synthetic GEM!!
Its a beautiful synthetic gem that has the mass appealing factor that Dior Sauvage has it. It's very close to Sauvage but not the same, definitely sweeter and more club style. Some people say it has the Invictus opening, but i dont have...


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