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K3lli3 5 months ago 4

What a pitty!
After reading tons of reviews of this cute eau de parfum, I ordered it. Today I had received it, so I decided to test this perfume. When I sprayed it on my skin, a very strong medicinal scent came upon me. At that moment I kind of started panicking, but I decided to give it a chance to really 'sink' into my skin. After 10 minutes I smelled it again, and boy oh boy. I really just don't like it, it smells kinda cheap, medicinal and it's really sharp (strong). It gives me headaches. But I must give this perfume credit for its longevity, it really does last a long time on my skin. Really sad that I don't like it because I'm usually very fond of Vanilla and woody scents. But this really ain't it!
Guess I'll stick to my lovely and mild Cerruti 1881.