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KankuroKankuro 7 years ago
Santal Royal (Eau de Parfum) - Guerlain

Santal Royal (Eau de Parfum) A little taste of Orient
I remember when Santal Royal was announced by Guerlain. On that day, many a Guerlain lover celebrated, as the great House of Guerlain would finally make another Sandalwood fragrance, an arabic inspired one that is. Would Santal Royal be competition...

KankuroKankuro 8 years ago
Shooting Stars - Blue Hope - XerJoff

Shooting Stars - Blue Hope Blue is warmer than red.
XerJoff, again and again this magnificent niche label draws me in. Right from the beginning, the beautiful scents by Sergio Momo made me swoon. No wonder I once owned four of them. I will never forget my first XerJoff perfume. It was the limited...



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