KaranjaKaranja's Perfume Reviews

This is Cardamon bomb. You get nuances of the green apple and iris in the beginning but i mostly got a linear cardamon vibe from start to finish.

Its longevity and sillage is way above average and i find it perfect for night outs/Dance/Clubbing.

This starts abit spicy;perhaps from the cloves and the lavender/citruses sort of minimizes this effect.
The spiciness is retained even though the mid-notes are very floral,it's not uber masculine by any means but the woody musky drydown is okay.

Not unique,but can work as an office damn reach type of scent. Lasts decently with 3/4 sprays. This is a summer spring frag as i feel it's too light for night/winter

One of the better opening i've smelt in a long time,coffee is very mild and doesn't last long,but the sage and patchouli will last much longer and are prominent.

Can be worn in all types of weather,though it may struggle in dead winter. 2/3 sprays works for me.......