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KarinaMKarinaM 9 months ago
2017 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
Alison - bottle purchase, feb17
Tar - decant swap, feb17
KarinaMKarinaM 17 months ago
2016 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
xmichaelax - bottle swap, jan16
Eichenmoos - bottle sale, jun16
Tar - decant swap, jun16
KarinaMKarinaM 2 years ago
2015 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
Inkie - bottle/decants swap, dec14/jan15
sofiaolga - decant swap, dec14/jan15
Streinhold - bottle/decant swap, jan15
Tar - bottle/decants swap, jan15
Ninina - bottle purchase, jan15
Gschpusi - bottle/decant swap, jan15
WRoth - decant swap, mar15
SvetlanaG - bottle swap, apr15
Tar - decants swap, jun15
Bluerose - decant sale, oct/nov15
KarinaMKarinaM 3 years ago
2014 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
Samtkleid - bottle sale, feb14
Marianne - decant swap, feb14
Stahl - bottle purchase, mar14
Gwiazdka72 - decant swap, may14
Labormaus - bottle purchase, may14
Lavandula - decant swap, aug14
Remi - bottle swap, dec14
KarinaMKarinaM 4 years ago
2013 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
Sferics - bottle swap, jan13
Loulu - bottle swap, jan13
Safran - bottle swap, feb13
Michelangela - bottle swap, march13
Milva - bottle purchase, aug13
Catyschatzi - bottle purchase, aug13
Silverrain - bottle purchase, aug13
RelativePerf - bottle swap, oct13
ILTIS - decant sale, oct13
VerrouDEnfer - bottle sale, oct13
Tofog - bottle swap, nov13
Confetto - bottle purchase, nov13
Bellemorte - bottle/decants swap, nov13
Altona - decant swap, nov13
KarinaMKarinaM 4 years ago
2012 Swap/trade references & THANK YOU:
Milva – bottle swap, jan12; bottle swap, sept12; bottle purchase, nov12
Guusje – sample swap, feb12
Triplex – sample purchase, feb12; decant swap, march12
Michelangela – bottle purchase, feb12
Tarata - sample swap, apr12
bloodflower - sample swap, apr12
Ricki - bottle purchase, may12
Turmalin - bottle purchase, may12
BassWurst - sample swap, jun12
Mightynaf - bottle purchase, jul12
Hoshii - bottle/decant swap, nov12
GuusjeGuusje 5 years ago
Just a quick hello and I miss you xxx
TriplexTriplex 6 years ago
sold samples to this lovely lady. prompt payment and great communication. thanks:)
NjdebNjdeb 6 years ago
Thank you!! Great to see you here :)
PyarkaalooPyarkaaloo 6 years ago
hello dear Karina! lovely to see you here :) thanks for the hello & i LOVE ur profile background, it's beautiful :D