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Kazem73Kazem73 1 year ago
Dirham (Eau de Parfum) - Ard Al Zaafaran / ارض الزعفران التجارية

Dirham (Eau de Parfum) Duped but Fallen on my Feet.
If there's one thing I've learnt from Hotel booking, it's the fact that reviews are one thing, and the real experience is something completely different. The same principle applies to fragrances. You have to test the perfume yourself...

Kazem73Kazem73 1 year ago
Qimmah Men - Lattafa / لطافة

Qimmah Men Qimma = Summit of Chaos
Qimmah in Arabic means Summit or Peak. In my opinion it embodies the peak of chaos and confusion. I really wanted to love this fragrance, but in my opinion the notes are totally out of balance. It starts off with citrus and some cinnamon,...


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