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Prada L'homme L'eau v2
At the beginning I would like to say that I'm not a big fan of this powdery/lipstick iris vibe of L'homme line. But every single scent in this line is amazingly done and I enjoy smelling them from time to time.

Often flankers are a pleasant alternatives to their original brother. But sometimes there are flankers like A*men Ultimate, which completely lost the DNA of original A*men and sometimes there are flankers that are even too similar to their predecessor. And that's what Prada L'homme Water Splash is.

My question is: Why Prada made a scent that is exactly the same as L'homme L'eau released 2 years before? Or should I ask, what is the reason to buy L'homme L'eau when Water Splash does exactly the same but at a cheaper price? I know that maybe I'm overreacting, but in my honest opinion, L'homme line of Prada became a little bit boring by this time. I hope that in the future they would give us something more interesting and slightly different in this line.

Nevertheless it is a very solid spring/summer clean scent, don't get me wrong
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Sexy indeed
Ok, let's say that this is more like an evening/night out fragrance for young men. Just like 1 million, ultra male etc. And you know why this one is the best of them all? Because ultra male is screaming "HEY GIRLS, YOU KNOW WHO IS SEXY? I'M SEXY !!!". 212 sexy men doesn't scream at all, because it doesn't have to. It knows that it is an attention grabber. It is quiet, yet more intriguing than the others. It's simply more interesting. It's deeper. Just grab it if you wanna be the "quiet king of the night". You won't regret it. Trust me
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