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KhrodinoKhrodino 1 year ago
D600 - Carner

D600 A trip through Barcelona
The name refers to a crossroads between two important streets in Barcelona, ​​at number 600 of the Avinguda Diagonal and, through its evolution, it should paint the flow of a day in that Catalan city. D600 opens with an explosion of spicy...

KhrodinoKhrodino 2 years ago
Les Jeux sont Faits - Jovoy

Les Jeux sont Faits Rum, wood, tobacco.
An alcoholic blast, in the opening, that inebriated me, a woody background that opens and wets the nostrils and it smells somewhat dense, almost sticky. It's the smell you can find in one of those pubs when people drink until they pass out or find...


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