KiliwiaKiliwia midnight romance 6 years ago


QuarryQuarry 7 years ago
Hi, Kiliwia, fellow refugee. You've done some major work rebuilding your wardrobe here. That's on my to-do list, too. It's a pleasure to have an easy way to compose that all-important to-sniff-in-October list. I see from the post below that “Amy, Amy, PerfumedLady” is here. BTW, when I speak your real name, Kiliwia, I give it my best fake Scandinavian sing-song voice.
AmyAmy 8 years ago
Glad you found me! Now I see that I'm subscribed to you on your page! Still think there must be a list I'm missing for "subscribed". Good to see you, too! Your collection must look so pretty here; will have to snoop!
AmyAmy 8 years ago
Hi, Kiliwia! It's PerfumedLady from the other place. Just saw you were here, am going to click to "subscribe" to you now! And I will be enjoying both perume "homes" again soon enough. Hope you're doing well!
BaroloBarolo 9 years ago
Welcome, Kiliwia! I must know if you're a transplant from another site!
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Kiliwia, a very warm welcome to Parfumo! Hope you enjoy it!