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I think Lacoste buys a supertanker of fresh base fragrance and add a few drops of distinguishing notes to set them apart, they are all so similar! This, like all their other fragrances, is fresh, unprovocative and easy to wear. The added note drops of cardemom, rhubarb, pepper and cedar adds a bit of differentiation to their other offerings. Classic daily office scent, but you won't draw the admiration of fellow perfume connoisseurs.

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Aventus' more easy going younger sibling. The relationship is unmistakable, but less stern and demanding. Doesn't sit at the party demanding everyone's attention like it's older brother, seduces by understated charm instead. I don't get the "sport scent vibe" that others are talking about at all, just a toned down version of Aventus. If it was made by Calvin Klein it would be called "Aventus Summer". Good longevity, albeit not as brutal as big brother's.

The name is carefully chosen, it has exactly that relaxed feel that you have after a day in the sun. I had not read about it before I tried it, and when read the notes description it is EXACTLY the ones I got. Citrus/mandarin, Neroli, Jasmine, some light musk and a sweet, sugery candy note, perfectly split and getting 1/6 of the attention each. It is very summery, light and pleasant.

After a few hours the citrus accords dries down a bit in favour of the musk and cotton candy. The musk is light and easy, not the dirty heavy type.

It is well made, but not in any way revolutionary, even if the cotton candy gives it a slight difference compared to other similar scents. It reminds me quite a bit of Atelier Cologne's Bergamote Soleil, but the slightly bitter tone tone in Bergamote Soleil is swapped out for sweet candy, and the musk is more airy and light in Byredos offering. I like Byredo better.

It's nice and pleaseant, great for summer and has reasonably good longevity for a summer citrus, but if you are financially interested you can find similar offerings at much better prices. Maybe without the cotton candy, but for the money you save you can buy some real cotton candy instead perhaps.

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This is the cleanest scent ever produced! It never goes into sharp, synthetic or "cleaning products” as is often the case with “clean” scents, this is clean as in purity. It’s like walking into a spotless room in a Mediterranean villa, high ceiling, light wooden floors, white walls and white linen curtains gently moving from a silent warm wind coming from the open windows. The only pice of furniture is a bed, made with newly washed linen. Harmony, silence, relaxation.

It is a heliotrope accompanied by an iris without the earthy tones and musk without the animalistic notes, and the coldness of these notes balanced with honey. No notes are allowed to break the almost transparent purity.

I find it quite linear, the first hours are followed by a slight increase in the musk note, but not by much.

This is what happens when Ellena takes a step back from the spice rack - a masterpiece! This is not at all like the overpeppered Voyage d’Hermes or Terre d'Hermes.

I’d say this is predominantly a woman’s scent, so I will give it to my wife so that I can steal it. Because have it I must!

The introduction is exactly like walking into a newly constructed fiberglass sailboat. There is nothing other than the scent of new plastic, epoxy and synthetic resin curing. A bit later you receive a delivery of a bouquet of fresh pine branches and roses, but you still remain on that damn boat. After a few hours you are let out of the boat, and the bouquet of pine and rose is complemented with eucalyptus and peppery cedar. A very nice ending, but the boat trip ruins the ride.

Starts with a short blast of citrus - lemon, petitgrain and some bergamot. Not a classic sweet citrus, rather a sour true lemon scent. Then it takes a wierd detour via smelling like a combination of sour green notes combined with a real old lady’s soap, then we turn back to citrus with some woody notes which are rather pleasant. This is a strange aromachem perfume.

Starts off with classic lemon/bergamot and some very faint pepper, quite zesty but a bit synthetic. After that a strong, sharp, harsh and synthetic cardemom, geranium and spice concoction gradually takes over. The spicy notes reminds me of Voyage d’Hermes, a perfume I find ruined by the overindulged grabs from the spice rack. However, this one has a more synthetic base, which makes it worse. After several hours we are left with som standard but nice balsam/sandal notes. This is not a Ferrari, they have simply slapped the badge on a Dacia Logan hoping that it should work. It doesn’t.

My first impression was a very pleasant and fresh summer scent. However, my wife tried it later that evening, and immediately says “Herbal medicine”. Then I get an instant inner image of soft echinacea chew tablets used in Sweden to prevent getting colds. The taste is not awful, but special and herb:y. I hadn’t made that connection before that, but now I can’t kick the impression. From great summer scent to chewy cold remedy in one second flat. I’m a bit angry with her. Changing rating from 8.5 to 6.0 :-(

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The idea that a car maker should make perfume is so kitschy and ridiculous that I really like it! They just slap on their logo on something they have absolutely no competitive advantage in, and they don’t manufacture anything in it on their own. It’s in the league of Louis Vuitton making an affordable dishwasher, which I would immediately buy (if the quality was on par with the rest of the crop) just to annoy people.

This being stated I must say that the people that made this for Ferrari did a good and satisfactory job. The beginning is a bit weaker than the end, with quite solitary citrus leaning towards bergamot that has a slightly synthetic aura. After the bergamot it’s a very pleasant neroli. I’d say it’s somewhat more like the neroli in 4711 than in Tom Fords Portofino, but not by much. Longevity is in between those two.

Given the price I’d say it’s a solid buy if you’re looking for neroli.

Starts off with a two minute lemon explosion, dry and refreshing. After that it turns to the EXACT combination of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Acqua and Clean for Men (the original one, not the abomination called “Classic”). Powdery neroli and citrus. This is not at all a bad scent, it is fresh and summery, perfect for a walk down the Croisette in Cannes. A tad flowery and feminine for other locations and times of year. Imaginative and groundbreaking it is not, many similar options are out there.

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